The Taxie Professional Child Car Seat Review

Each year more than 1,784 people are killed on the roads in the UK, and more than 26,000 are seriously injured. Shockingly, there were a total of 160,597 road casualties in 2019 making the roads in the UK some of the most dangerous in Europe. That is why each parent should have a child seat installed in their vehicle for their children, and not ignore the law that came into force in 2006.

Child car seats are vital for any parent and any vehicle owner that carries children. They are designed to give babies and children the extra added protection they need to reduce the risk of serious injury or death. However, choosing the right child car seat can be complicated.

There are so many different car seats available on the market, many of those are not worth the money the manufacturers are asking, while others are frustrating to fit in the car. That is why we are pleased that we have discovered a new child car seat that not only gives children that added protection, but it is easy to fit. More than that, this child’s car seat is portable and can easily be placed under the driver’s seat when not in use.

The Taxie professional car seat is new to the market, but already it has become a huge talking point with product reviewers and parents alike. So why has the child car seat gained so much exposure? Well, first of all, it’s the smallest and the lightest ECE-R129 child car seat on the market which is designed for all children over 15 months old. Secondly, it is portable, and thirdly and more importantly it is easy to install. With all the great features and the positive reviews, the Taxie Professional car seat could become the number one selling car seat in the UK and Europe.

Let’s have a look at the biggest selling point of the Taxie professional car seat. For me, it is how lightweight it is and how portable it is. Imagine, you want to go out with friends, or you want to go in a taxi but your friend or taxi driver does not have a car seat, what do you do? In most cases, you have to take a bulky child car seat to your friend’s house and then struggle to fit it in the car. When ordering a taxi, you have to wait a long time for the taxi firm to find a taxi with a child’s car seat. The Taxie professional child car seat removes those problems. It is so lightweight and portable, you can simply carry it around with you and when you need to use it, you can install it within minutes. That means, no need to wait around for a taxi firm or Uber to find a driver with a car seat, and not having to struggle with a friend’s car installing your bulky car seat.

Another great thing about the Taxie child car seat is the integral bacterial and fungal protection. With the COVID19 pandemic, people have become more conscious about hygiene than ever before. The new child car seat has taken this into account. The night safety feature is another great feature. The reflective cloth makes the car seat visible in a darkened situation.

This child car seat has changed the road safety market. For more information on the new child car seat, please visit