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Council Shameful Actions Results In Court Action By Skegness Caravan Owners

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  • Caravan owners near Skegness taking council to court after deadline passes


East Lindsey District Council have brought shame on Skegness and cost taxpayers more than £25,000 in legal costs relating to a dispute over caravan age limits.

Caravan owners on the Ingoldmells Kingfisher Caravan Park gave East Lindsey District Council until September 30th to respond to their concerns.

According to the caravan owners, East Lindsey District Council have failed to respond, and now the owners are going ahead and taking the council to court for justice.

Stuart Allen set the deadline of midnight and hoped the local council would see sense and sit at a table and discuss their concerns. However, the council have ignored the deadline and have failed in any attempt to find a suitable solution that both sides would be happy with.

The council who own Kingfisher Caravan Park brought in new rules that stated any caravan that was older than 15 years would have to be taken off site. After Stuart and other owners demonstrated and showed how unfair that was, the council backtracked and gave the owners an olive branch.

After a council meeting, it was decided to offer owners on the Ingoldmells caravan park ten, one-year extensions. However, the caravan owners were not happy and asked the council for a meeting.

Stuart Allen has not heard anything back from East Lindsey Council which has forced him and the other owners to move forward with court action.

East Lindsey Council are not winning the public vote with their fight. With our research, and speaking to holidaymakers and local residents, the feeling is the council are in the wrong, and the caravan owners deserve a positive resolution.

As well as bringing shame on Skegness, local residents are not happy how the council are wasting their council tax money. The fight has already cost more than £25,000, and if it goes to court that legal costs could reach more than £100,000.

East Lindsey District Council are publicly saying they are trying to find a resolution, but in reality, according to Stuart and the other owners, the council are ignoring the situation.



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