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40k Nurses Have Left NHS In Past Year

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Hospitals around the country including in Boston, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Manchester, Lincoln, and Blackpool are struggling due to the lack of nurses and medical staff.


After Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby reported that it was forced to cancel some operations and appointments, it has now been revealed that more than 40k nurses have left the NHS in the past year.

After many years of the Conservative Government promising to look after the NHS and increase funding, NHS nurses are leaving in their droves after feeling undervalued. The nurses that have contacted In2Town News Today have said they are leaving due to stress, and not being appreciated by the Government new and old. Others have said they are struggling to survive on their current wages.

BBC News have revealed the number of nurses that are leaving the NHS and since the report was issued, more nurses have said they plan to leave the NHS within the next two years.

Nurses from Grimsby, Boston, Lincoln, London, Manchester, and Scunthorpe have contacted In2Town News Today to share their feelings on how the NHS is being run.

Susan who has worked for the NHS for more than 14 years has said the Conservative Government has wrecked the NHS. She went onto to say that it is ok for MPs to get a real pay increase, but for those that got the country through the COVID pandemic, nurses are ignored

Mark from Lincoln who has been a nurse for less than five years has said he plans to leave the NHS within the next two years and take his skills abroad. He explained how shocked he was with the lack of respect for the NHS by the government and the lack of resources they receive.

It is not just nurses who are angry with the Government with the way they are treating nurses and the NHS. Readers have contacted us to say how shocked they are with the way the NHS has become an embarrassment.

Sarah Morley from Manchester has said the Conservative Government has wrecked the NHS. She wants to see an immediate general election to kick the Conservative Government out before it is too late to save the NHS.

With a recent poll that we did with our readers, Sarah is not alone. We found that 8/10 people want a General Election so they can vote for a Labour Government to run the country.


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