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Scunthorpe Royal Mail Looking For New Post Worker

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  • A new post worker is wanted for the Scunthorpe area in time for Christmas. The job is for 30 hours a week.


Do you have what it takes to work for Royal Mail in Scunthorpe. The local Royal Mail depot in Scunthorpe is looking for a new post work to work 30 hours a week.

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The person must have a driving licence with driving experience and are needed to join the Scunthorpe Delivery office in time for Christmas.

The wage for the successful candidate is £10.85 an hour if they are over 18. The job is five days a week from Monday to Sunday from 8:30am to 8:00pm

For those aged 17, the wage stands at £8.44, plus an additional £5.83 per hour on a Sunday.

The successful applicant will be paid weekly with pay increments after six and 12 months subject to their performance.

For anyone wishing to be considered for the Royal Mail position in Scunthorpe, they should visit



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