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The Media Ruined My Relationship Says Prince Harry

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Prince Harry and three other well-known British claimants, alleges that journalists working for MGN gathered information about the prince unlawfully, including by hacking into voicemails.


Prince Harry who has been giving evidence at the High Court has said the media intrusion is the main reason why his and his ed-girlfriend Chelsy Davy relationship failed. According to the love him or hate him Prince, due to the media intrusion, Chelsy Davy decided that royal life was not for her.

The Duke who saw his mum Princess Diana hounded by the press said in his witness statement that Chelsy Davy dumped him. He claimed in the High Court that whenever he was in a relationship, the relationship was not just him and his girlfriend, it also involved the tabloid press.

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Zimbabwe-born Miss Davy was Harry’s first serious girlfriend who he met in early 2004. The on-off relationship lasted until mid-2010. Before the breakup, many believed that the couple could get married, but that was put to bed when Chelsy Davy dumped him.

Prince Harry alleges that the Daily Mirror must have used phone hacking techniques when it ran a follow-up story that was first published by The Sun about the time he dressed as a Nazi at a fancy dress party in 2005.

According to The Mirror, Harry had allegedly flirted with a brunette at the party. The newspaper reported that when Chelsy Davy who was 19 at the time read the article, she was furious and rang Harry to give him a tongue-lashing down the phone.

However, Harry has said in his statement that he does not remember if he or his ex-girlfriend did argue about the party.

Prince Harry also said in his witness statement that he was ‘at a complete loss’ to know how some of the details in a 2004 Mirror story about the first time he met Miss Davy’s family were obtained.

Prince Harry who blames the media for his how his mother suffered said the stories in the media put a huge strain on his relationship with Miss Davy.

He claimed that the couple always felt under surveillance and his ex-girlfriend found this difficult to deal with. According to Harry, the breakup was as a result of the intrusion and at the time the relationship breakdown was incredibly upsetting.

Prince Harry who has split the general public around the world with his fight against the media wants to see serious changes made. However, some have been left confused by how he blames the media one minute but wants them onside when he wants to sell his book.

The newspaper publisher denies Harry’s claims against it.

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