Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Fugitive Drugs Lord Jailed After Hiding Out In Tenerife

Stephen Blundell, 36 was today handed extra prison time after he was flown back from Tenerife.


The fugitive drugs lord went on the run almost two years ago just before he was due to be sentenced over a £1m drug ring. Stephen Blundell, formerly from Halewood, UK, handed himself in to Spanish National Police in Tenerife earlier this month.

It is thought, Stephen Blundell who was named one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives, decided to hand himself in after he realised the game was up. A huge campaign was launched to find Stephen, which even involved British media.

Exeter Crown Court heard how Blundell who headed up a gang of 14, fled to Tenerife to escape justice.

DC Jason Braund told the ECHO: “He lived in very swanky rented apartments and had access to high value sports cars. He maintained a lavish lifestyle and there were exotic holidays with girlfriends.

“In his wardrobe, everything was designer – it was all top-of-the-range stuff. He was living the lavish lifestyle and

Stephen Blundell was told to serve nine years and eight months for his crime, and to serve an added eight months for jumping bail.


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