Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Coronation Street Star Barbara Knox Banned From Driving On Drink Driving Charge

Coronation Street legend Barbra Knox has let herself down and her colleagues after finally admitted drink driving. The Coronation Street star that plays Rita Tanner was followed by police to the car park while intoxicated. The 80-year old actress was arrested shortly after her daughter Maxine Ashcroft, who picked her up from an event was also stopped for drink driving.


Prosecutors told how Barbara Knox, who was arrested in Knutsford, Cheshire, on March 10, was slurring her words. Jonathan Egan, prosecuting, told Crewe Magistrate Court, police warned her not to drive home after her daughter was arrested for drink driving. According to Jonathan Egan, the actress was offered a lift home, which she refused.

Police officers followed the Coronation Street actress to Booths supermarket in Knutsford where they witnessed her get into a Jaguar car and reverse it while intoxicated. She was then approached by police who breathalysed her, where she gave a reading of 44mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.


Nick Freeman, defending the Coronation Street actress said his client offered her profuse apologies over the incident.

He said: “Officers gave her every opportunity not to commit this offence.

“She now suffers the indignity of forfeiting her previous good character.”

Barbara Knox was fined £3,000 and was banned from driving for 12 months over her admission of drink driving. She was also ordered to pay £1,750 in costs.


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