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Louth Residents Fearful Of Tax Rises

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  • Boris Johnson has refused to rule out more tax rises on working class, leaving Louth Lincolnshire resident worried


This morning in a interview Boris Johnson sent shockwaves through Louth and the whole of Lincolnshire when he refused to rule out more tax rises on the poor.

He has already caused uproar by increasing National Insurance contributions, and removing £20 a week from Universal Credit, leaving tens of thousands of people around Louth and Lincolnshire struggling. Now, that struggle could get worse if he increases taxes.

Boris Johnson said he would hike taxes further if he could avoid it but did not rule out a tax rise to help pay for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister has already gone back on his word and hiked National Insurance contributions, now it seems his manifesto commitment not to raise taxes could be another false promise and lie.

Boris Johnson tried to get the people and Conservative activists onside by claiming that Margaret Thatcher would have supported his approach, which is a worry in itself.

He said: “We have had to look after the British people with £407 billion of protection for their jobs, for people’s livelihoods,” he told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

“It was most beneficial to the poorest and the neediest in society.”

Many of those in Louth are unimpressed by Mr Johnson handling of the pandemic. Some of the people we have spoken to have said he made many mistakes, while some said he did not have an experienced team around him to make the right decisions.

As well as tax rises, Louth residents are worried about stories concerning council tax. There have been many MPs who have said that Council Tax may need to increase again next year to pay for the pandemic.



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