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Lincolnshire Drivers Could Wait Up To Six Months To Learn To Drive

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Those wishing to learn to drive in Lincolnshire face a serious struggle to due to the COVID pandemic.

The COVID-pandemic and lockdown forced driving schools to cancel all lessons. Once lockdown was over and social distancing rules eased, driving schools faced another battle. That battle was how to cope with the demand for driving lessons with the lack of qualified driving instructors.

Driving schools in Lincolnshire are hoping more people are going to train as driving instructors to help reduce the waiting list for lessons. At the present moment there is a six month waiting list for some driving schools in Lincolnshire.

A new report has been published that has shown the industry is struggling around the country. According to the report there are 3% fewer driving instructors compared to this time last year. Even with a 3% increase in driving instructors, it would not have a dramatic affect on the long waiting list for lessons.

It is not just the pandemic that has caused problems for driving schools, some are also blaming it on Brexit. One Driving School we spoke to said they have seen some of their driving instructors leave and head back home because of Brexit.

The lack of driving instructors could see the cost of lessons increase. When we spoke to four driving instructors, three of them said they believe the price of lessons needs to be increase so driving instructors could receiving a higher wage.

One driving instructor explained that all driving schools are competing against each other, so prices are being kept low. If prices increased and wages went up then more people would be willing to train as driving instructors.

Those in Lincolnshire wishing to learn to drive could be forced to wait until the new year to start their lesson, and then they could be faced with more delays to book a driving test.

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