Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The up and coming LOBOI leaves a foot print on his hometown

Hondo Lashawn Jarman was born and raised in a small town called Havelock, North Carolina where similar to most children close to his age, he spent his childhood exploring his interests and tested the waters in a lot of different activities. Being an extremely active and curious child Hondo was often, if not always, busying himself in all kinds of things to test the waters and see what he excelled at or took a liking to. As it happens with all children, this carried on for a long time before he understood where his interest really lay.

For a child, the surroundings and environment he or she grows up in is very important and plays a significant role in their upbringing. It can also determine what they do later in life. For Hondo, the paternal side of his family was extremely music-oriented and there was never a dull moment. Hondo revealed his family also played all kinds of instruments other than enjoying singing, so seeing all of that as a child and growing up under the influence of an overwhelmingly musical family, he knew he wanted to integrate music into his life any way that he could, in any shape or form. 

Realizing how huge an impact music had on his life, Hondo started honing his craft so he could understand what facet he wanted to work in. Having some know-how of musical instruments because of his family and them always having some sort of instrument on them, he had that knowledge as well. He knew he had the passion and the drive to pursue his dream of music, and he slowly but surely started working towards it. 

For Hondo, however, it wasn’t as smooth sailing. Sometimes life works in strange ways and the circumstances do not seem to always be in your own favor. Hondo was unfortunately arrested for possession of drugs and had to do 8 long years in jail. As frightening and demotivating that can be, Hondo did not let that stop him, and even when he could not engage with the practical aspect of writing and making music, he did not let his situation discourage him. The love for music he had within him since he was a child and when he was with his family singing and playing instruments allowed him to keep his hopes alive and pick up right where he left off to carry on with his dreams of doing music. 

Hondo found his style in hip hop, and since getting back into the scene, he has worked with different producers, namely MPBEATZ and SKEEZYBEATZ, to try and materialize his dreams. Platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud have enabled Hondo to share his passion and love for music with the world and he has released music on both which he also has shared on his Instagram (@loboirap). His music has been well received and he has gotten support on Instagram as well. 

What is important to mention is his strength and perseverance to pursue something that he had loved since he was a child. Having been through so much before being able to properly dip his feet into hip hop and rap, Hondo had been completely cut off from music yet still found it in himself to carry on, wait to get released and then continue from where it came to a screeching halt. When everything around you feels grim and losing hope is so easy, attempting to get back up on your feet can feel very overwhelming and suffocating, but Hondo was able to do just that and even release music and gather supporters. Not only is that worth mentioning, but it is also an inspiring success story for people who feel lost and hopeless in the face of difficulty. 

We hope Hondo can further his career to make a name for himself as a rapper and continue being a hardworking and dedicated artist.


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