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The Perfect Australian Holiday for the Adrenalin Junkie


Australia is a wide, stunning land that offers a range of holiday experiences that are as diverse as the country itself. If you happen to be addicted to adrenalin, then you can easily find yourself swinging from a zip line or parasailing in between turns sunning yourself on the banana lounge. In fact, from the rainforest, to the cities, to the world heritage listed barrier reef, Australia is the ultimate playground for the holiday thrill seeker.


Great Barrier Reef & Cairns


Take a thrilling sky dive over Cairns the tropic of Far North Queensland for a bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. Clear blue skies provide a perfect backdrop for your view of the reef, which is so vast it can be seen from outer space! Short of becoming an astronaut, there is no better way to get a sense of the size and scale of this stunning natural beauty than being up in the sky.


If you prefer to get your thrills from inside the plane, opt for scenic flights of Great Barrier Reef. You get the same great views as well as a guided tour.


Once your feet are on the ground, it’s time to dive in and immerse yourself in the reef’s watery underworld. Coral, sea urchins and fish will surround you on all sides. Once you have adapted to your surrounds, take yourself on an adventure to swim with the sharks. Speak to your flight operator about the best options. This is a great way to set your heart racing during a full day of swimming and snorkelling.


Port Lincoln


If swimming with reef sharks in warm tropical waters sounds great but not quite thrilling enough, head down to Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. This is the only place in Australia you can indulge in a little shark cage diving. Climb inside your shark proof metal cage and be lowered into a circle of notorious and deadly Great White Sharks. Try not to scream underwater as these predators bare their razor sharp teeth and take a biting lunge toward your cage.


Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb


Have you ever tried standing on the edge of cliff or building and looking straight down? Now imagine you are on the peak of an enormous bridge, looking straight down into traffic on one side and water on the other. Pulse racing yet? The stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge climb offers you the best views of Australia’s most beautiful city. You can see all of Sydney’s famous landmarks such as the Opera House and Circular Quay, and afterwards pamper yourself at the best Sydney Day Spa at the Darling hotel, right near the base of the bridge in the historic Rocks region.


Skywalk Towers, Sydney


If you are travelling with family, a good alternative to the famous bridge climb is to head up Skywalk Towers in Sydney. A fast elevator ride will take you to the top of the tallest building in Sydney. The revolving tower affords unrivaled 360 degree views of Sydney and some great food in the restaurant.


Jungle Surfing


Jungle Surfing at Cape Tribulation in the Daintree is a unique holiday experience for the seasoned thrill seeker. The Daintree rainforest is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest in Australia and jungle surfing allows you to take a unique tour of the rainforest canopy without your feet touching the ground! Using flying foxes, ziplines, skywalks and viewing platforms, this is one rainforest experience you will never forget.


Abseiling the Story Bridge, Brisbane


All bridge climbs offer you a different experience, a different climb and a different view. But why climb down when you can abseil? In Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland, you can take your bridge climb experience one step further by abseiling off the side of the bridge to get down which will be sure to boost your appreciation of solid ground.


Stunt Academy, Gold Coast


The sunny Gold Coast in Queensland is already a haven for thrill seekers, with Australia’s best theme parks and thrill rides all concentrated in one place. But have you heard of the Stunt Academy? During a full day of training you can learn combat, sword play and finish off with high falls from a platform into a giant crash pad. Just like in the movies!


Aerobatic flying, Perth


If you feel the need, the need for speed, then you need to get yourself over to Perth in Western Australia. Here you can team up with some real top gun pilots for an hour of aerobatic flying. Climb aboard CT 4 jet, the same plane currently used by RAAF pilots in fighter pilot training and roll, loop and dive through the skies.


Jet boat racing, Perth


Experience all the excitement of jet boat racing in Perth. It’s a little like rally car racing, except on the water. These high speed drivers can turn, swerve and manoeuvre in a way that is tighter and more electrifying than 4 wheels on land – and the wipe outs are truly spectacular! Make sure you get down to see a race.




No matter how you like to get your thrills on holidays, Australia has plenty to offer even the most seasoned of adrenalin junkies. Better yet, Australia’s great weather means most of these activities can be enjoyed all year round as well. With so much to exhilarate and delight during your time in Australia, the only boring part will be your plane ride to get here!


By Lara Preston


Lara Preston is a travel addict, writer and self-confessed adrenaline junkie! . Lara loves sharing her travel advice and experiences. When she’s not jumping out of planes at 15,000 feet you will find her relaxing at her favourite Day Spa in Sydney.


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