Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tenerife Tourism Suffers Through Tenerife Fire Stories

Tenerife is a huge hit with British Holidaymakers but at the moment with the stories in the UK press over the fires that are happening in Tenerife, British holidaymakers are booking elsewhere for their holiday in fear they could be caught up in the blaze.

Unfortunately as we all know, the British Press love to expand on the truth when it comes to stories which does not help the business owners in Tenerife who rely on holidaymakers from the UK to make ends meet.

Although Ricardo Melchior, Tenerife Cabildo President, announced on Monday that the fires were under control, newspapers and the media in the UK were still releasing stories that were making holidaymakers thinking of visiting Tenerife have second thoughts.

Expats living in Tenerife have been receiving a large number of calls fearing they could be in danger with the fires while some expats have reported friends from the UK asking if Tenerife was safe to visit.

‘Tenerife Business Owners Worried Over Fire Reporting’

Business owners and hotel owners in Tenerife want to get the message across to British Holidaymakers who are thinking of visiting Tenerife, that Tenerife is safe to visit.

It is not only the business owners and hotel owners who say it is safe in Tenerife, our editor Geoff Tims was out in Tenerife a week ago and saw no fires on the island, although what he did see was business owners concerned that people in the UK thought Tenerife was not safe to visit because of the stories on the fires.

One shop owner in Playa La Arena who did not want to be named said: “We are hearing stories from our customers that newspapers in the UK are making a big deal out of the fires and claiming that Tenerife is not a suitable place at the moment to visit. This is all nonsense but the stories are damaging our business with the lack of tourists visiting Playa La Arena.

It seems the British Press are not getting the full facts before they print their stories and their false reporting and lack of information is causing a damaging effect on Tenerife which is already suffering due to the bad economic climate.


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