Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sinitta Wants To Appear On Celebrity Jeremy Kyle

Sinitta Wants To Talk About Simon Cowell Abortion Claims


Sinitta Abortion Claims are causing Simon Cowell problems according to reports. Sinitta is having a tough time at the moment, she feels the media are not giving her the chance to get the truth over to them about her and Simon Cowell and know she wants to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show to get her story across about her and Simon Cowell.

Jeremy Kyle has previously asked Sinitta to appear on his celebrity version of the show, an offer that she turned down but now, Simon Cowell’s ex would like the chance to appear on the show and tell the world what has really happened.

Sinitta who has worried friends over her Twitter rants about Simon Cowell and who according to a source has also angered The X Factor boss over turning to Twitter to talk about their private business, wants to a lie detector on the Jeremy Kyle show to prove Simon Cowell baby abortion claims.

The Simon Cowell baby and Sinitta abortion story has become big news and has damaged the reputation slightly of the X Factor boss, some friends of Simon Cowell have told Sinitta to shut up and keep silent over the abortion claims but it seems Sinitta is not going to be told what to do. Sinitta has said she wants to appear on the celebrity version of Jeremy Kyle and she wants a lie detector so the world knows the truth about the Simon Cowell baby abortion claims, she is fed up of people having a go at her a source told In2town this afternoon.

Although Sinitta wants to appear on Jeremy Kyle to prove she is telling the truth about aborting Simon Cowell’s baby, it seems ITV are worried and have claimed there are no plans to feature any more celebrity shows featuring Jeremy Kylie.

In reality it seems that ITV are very worried, Simon Cowell is a prize asset to them and he brings in a lot of advertising revenue with his shows which include The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, and with new contract talks taking place they do not want to upset him or lose him to another channel. Therefore ITV would block any attempt by Jeremy Kylie to have Sinitta on his show in fear of upsetting Simon Cowell.

A friend of Sinitta told In2town Lifestyle News: “All Sinitta wants to do is top stop all the talking over her and Simon Cowell, she wants the truth to come out and she wants people to stop thinking she is telling lies when really she is telling the truth.”

Simon Cowell, 53, has been angered by all the publicity over him and Sinitta and feels it is upsetting his girlfriend but it seems know one is taking into consideration how this is affecting Sinitta who has been a loyal friend of Simon Cowell for many years.

According to reports, Lauren Silverman, 36, who is pregnant with Simon Cowell’s son is angry over the stories of Sinitta abortion claims and wants Simon to end all contact with Sinitta.

Sinitta has turned to Twitter and told her fans she is telling the truth but Simon Cowell’s friends are calling on her to stop posting private information on the social network.

So, will Sinitta get her chance to appear on the Jeremy Kyle celebrity show, it seems very unlikely, however there are other channels and we are sure the BBC would be up for getting the full story from Sinitta.


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