For years now Simon Cowell has paid Max Clifford to keep his personal life out of the newspapers and that is why we have never seen the X Factor boss plastered over the Sunday newspapers with all of his affairs but now to the shock of Max Clifford the reality boss has spoken to Tom Bower and revealed all but it seems Max Clifford is not the only one not happy at revealing all his secrets, Simon Cowell has started to have regrets.


  • A lot of past girlfriends have not been happy about being mentioned in the book, one of those past girlfriends is Dannii Minogue which according to Sharon Osbourne was an open secret on the X Factor but no so according to the Aussie singer. Dannii Minogue was shocked to have been named in the book and another former judge Cheryl Cole was not happy at being mentioned in the book but Simon Cowell has come out and said he apologizes to all the people he has upset by revealing secrets that should have kept secret.
  • Simon Cowell said last night: “I wish to publicly apologise to anyone I embarrassed.” 


Simon Cowell told the Sun: “Ten years ago, if I had read someone would be writing a book about me saying I made loads of money and shagged loads of girls I would have said, ‘Great!'”


“I spent the week hiding under a pillow,” he recalled. “I knew it was bad because friends were sending me sweet messages saying, ‘Are you okay?'”

Simon Cowell is now waiting to see how much damage the book has done to his reputation but further embarrassment to the X Factor judge could come in the form of Cheryl Cole who is writing her own autobiography that has promised to lift the lid on Simon Cowell.