Friday, January 21, 2022

Ryanair Low Cost Airline Are Being Investigated

RyanairBoeingRyanair the low cost airline is in trouble with the air safety watchdog for charging passengers extra for sitting next to an emergency extra. We are not sure if they know something we do not about the airplanes but it seems if you want to get nearer to the exit just in case then you need to pay extra. The low cost airline who have been in the press a lot in recent months for upsetting passengers with some of their crazy ideas are being investigated by the air safety watchdog for charging passengers an extra $15.


Ryanair know that the emergency seats are popular with passengers because they provide more leg room so the low cost airline has decided to make money from it and charge passengers extra for the privilege of the extra leg room and for being near to the exit.

‘Ryanair Not Happy Over Being Investigated’

According to standard operating procedure, people who sit in the emergency seats must be able to open the emergency doors in the event of an emergency follow safety directions but because passengers have become angry at the extra charge, some Ryanair flights are taking off with the seats vacant.

According to reports when the emergency seats are vacant passengers in the surrounding rows are asked to learn the emergency evacuation procedure but some passengers have told the media that they were unable to understand the safety instructions or how to open the emergency doors.

In response to the growing controversy the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) launched an investigation into the issue, and the Civil Aviation Authority and the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) also expressed their concerns.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has now launched a full investigation while the Civil Authority and the British Airline Pilots Association have said they are not happy with the whole affair.

‘Our guidance to UK-registered airlines is that whoever is sitting next to the emergency exit must be briefed about what to do,’ a spokesman for the CAA told the Telegraph. ‘If that person says they are not willing to do it, then someone else must be found who is happy with that role.’

‘It’s an important task. It’s not easy to open the doors and they must be physically strong enough to throw them from the plane.’

A spokesman for Ryanair responded to the investigation and said that the company does not believe there is an issue or a problem.


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