Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Ryanair Has Halved Excess Baggage Cost

Ryanair have not got the best reputation when it comes to value for money and customer service but it seems the low cost airline wants to change its bad reputation and get people to talk about it in a good way and not a negative way. That is why Ryanair have now decided to halve its excess baggage costs.

The low cost airline have been doing a number of things in recent months to change its bad reputation and according to research by In2town Lifestyle News, what they have been doing has helped increase passenger confidence in the airline.

With the latest news that Ryanair are going to halve its excess baggage cost it will help increase that confidence and help the low cost airline gain the positive reputation that they are hoping to build.

Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has said he wants to bring in a number of improvements to give the airline a positive outlook and although many passengers have said one of the changes should that should be made is for him to step down, that is not on the cards. However, Michael O’Leary has promised to sort out the customer service problem and make it a more friendly service but one of the biggest impacts is the reduction in the excess baggage charge which will be very welcomed by passengers of the low cost airline.

Ryanair will now charge £10 per kilo for excess baggage which is the same as its biggest rival easyjet, customers hope this price could be reduced even further but that could only happen if easyJet reduced their charges.


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