Saturday, May 28, 2022

Russell Brand And Katy Perry Marriage Doomed From Day One

According to an insider the marriage between Russell Brand and Katy Perry was doomed from day one. The source claimed the couple did not stand a chance and it was a huge mistake the couple getting married.

Russell Brand filed for divorce last week after just 14 months of marriage with some reports claiming it was over the actor and comedian wanting children.

The source claimed the couple were wrong to get married and from day one the marriage was only heading one way and that was to the divorce courts but It was only a couple of weeks ago that Russell Brand rubbish the reports of the end of his marriage and claimed he loved being married.


One of the major factors to the end of the marriage according to reports is the couple spent hardly anytime together due to the hectic work lives while another source claimed Russell Brand wanted to spend time at home while Katy Perry wanted to go out and party.

A source close to the couple has said this is definitely the end and there is no going back.


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