Saturday, May 28, 2022

Reptile Owners Can Now Give Their Reptiles A Clean

Dog owners bath their dogs, and brave cat owners sometimes give their cats a bath, risky I know, so why not give a reptile pet a clean?

Having a reptile as a pet was not that common ten years ago, but now around 5.6 million households in the United States own a reptile, and it is not just America who has made reptiles popular as pets. In the UK, having a reptile as a pet is fast becoming as popular as having a dog.

With over 5.6 million reptile owners in America, you would have thought someone would have come along a few years ago and invented an easier way to clean a reptile. When it comes to snakes, bearded dragons and other reptile pets, it can be hard to clean them, but now thanks to Zentry Works and their new Reptile Wipes, reptile owners can now keep their reptile pets clean and moisturized.

Zentry Works with their Reptile Wipes, allow reptile owners to give their pets a quick clean, removing dirt and moisturizing the skin. They have become very popular with reptile owners; however, many owners have said why has it taken so long for a company to come up with a way of keeping retiles clean.

Unlike a lot of wipes on the market, Reptile Wipes are 100% alcohol free, and because perfume wipe can cause a reaction with reptiles as well as with humans, the wipes have no added perfumes or dyes.




 By Diane Walker


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