According to Now magazine Katie Price has said that her ex-husband, not the last one but the one before that, wants her back. Yes folks, according to Now magazine, Katie Price is telling people that Peter Andre wants to get back with her.

Is this true or is this just fantasy? According to a pal of Katie Price it is totally true but we are not sure if anyone has told Peter Andre yet.

Peter Andre told The Only Way Is Essex and Celebrity Jungle runner up mark Wright that he loved Katie Price more than any woman he has ever loved.

This has prompted Katie Price to believe that her ex-husband wants her back and according to the pal, the couple have been getting on better now than they have done since their stormy divorce.


The source told Now that all the negative things that surrounded them are being stripped away and now the couple are starting to remember the good times they shared.

According to the source who after this latest exposure could be an ex pal, Katie is desperate for Peter Andre to trust her again and wants to try and get their magic back.

Peter Andre told Now Magazine: ‘Me and Katie are trying to build bridges.