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Owner Of Palm Beach Mask Talk About Donating 100,000 Face Masks

As of December 22nd, 2020 more, than 2.11 million people around the world have suffered from COVID19. Sadly, more than 68,000 people have died. In Palm Beach, Florida the number of people who have contracted COVID19 has reached more than 77,000 with nearly 2,000 deaths. Experts have said the figure will continue to rise until the vaccine is given to each and every person in the USA and the world.

To combat the rise in COVID19 in Palm beach and the USA it is important that more people wear a face mask. At the present moment only 90% of people in the USA wear a face mask. This is partly down to the cost of a face mask which can be on average around $8. One person who wants to make sure that 100% of people wear a face mask is Mike Pam Erikson who is now the owner of Palm Beach Mask.

Mike Erickson has done an incredible thing. He has donated more than 100,000 disposable face masks to government offices, medical organizations, first responders, and non-profit groups 50 Organizations. He has done this at a huge cost to himself in order to stop the spread of COVID19 and help those on the front line who are putting their lives on the line for others on a daily basis.

This is an incredible gesture from Palm Beah Mask and Mike Pam Erickson and one we hope will be echoed around the USA and the world. We decided to get together with Mike Erickson and learn more about him and why he is giving away 100,000 disposable face masks.


  1. Mike Pam Erickson, you run a Florida based company, can you tell me more about that? I am the owner of canvas designers, a marine canvas manufacturing company for over 35 years. When the pandemic hit, we where using our canvas side to manufacture and donate to local hospitals like saint marries hospital
  2. How long have you been manufacturing PPE equipment?2 months
  3. You have decided to donate disposable facemasks, can I ask why you have decided to do something so amazing? Because there is such a huge need and also because there are so many masks that are flooding the market that is made at home or bought from china that are not made properly with the right materials
  4. Palm Beach Mask is a family business, was giving away so many facemasks a joint decision? Yes, completely have always been very involved with the community
  5. So how many disposable facemasks are you donating? 100 00 masks and we are planning to do about the same amount more in 2 months
  6. It is costing you a lot of money to donate disposable facemasks, would you like to see the Government do more and supply those that need them with facemasks? Yes, always and we believe that if they are made in the USA it would create jobs and boost economy too plus supply people with a quality product
  7. Would you like to see other companies follow you and donate facemasks to non-profit organizations? Yes, the need for this is not going way any time soon and we also don’t know if this virus will mutate like the Flu virus every year and its always better to approach things in a manner that you are taking preventative measures to ensure the safety of our elders and the general public, but also it would have other benefits too of less spread of the flue in flu season.
  8. How does it make you feel to know that some people working on the front line are struggling to afford a facemask? We believe everyone should have that protection and the more manufacturing of that can happen in the united states the lower the cost would get to supply that and the more affordable it would get to have PPE you can trust to keep you protected.
  9. Facemasks have become such an important safety tool for billions of people around the world, can you see a time when we will no longer need them? To be honest no one can predict that at this point, but we do believe that the need for quality Disposable facemask manufactured here not just for Covid but for Local business or hotels doctor offices will always remain and it would be good, and we have that manufacturing capability in the USA so that we are not reliant on other countries if another epidemic comes along.
  10. We cannot talk to you without talking about those people who believe COVID19 is not real, how does it make you feel seeing all these protests around the world saying COVID19 is fake when people are dying? Of course, it’s upsetting to us especially having seen some many peoples lives and the world economy effected. To be honest its sad that people still may have that mindset.
  11. A lot of people have said some leaders around the world were to slow to act, would you agree with that? Yes


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