Sunday, May 22, 2022

One Direction Have Signed Deal To Promote Pepsi

Simon Cowell X Factor boys One Direction have signed a big major deal to promote Pepsi but not everyone is happy

One Direction seems to be going from strength to strength and unlike other X Factor contestants and winners who have vanished from the pop scene, One Direction have become a big money making machine for Simon Cowell.

The X Factor success story have signed a mega bucks deal with Pepsi to promote the popular soft drink and have already filmed their first commercial for Pepsi but not everyone is happy with One Direction and their new endorsement deal.

‘Parents Not Happy Over One Direction Pepsi Deal’

Some parents of One Direction fans have called the Pepsi deal a bad idea claiming in this day and age where obesity is a serious problem the bad should have thought twice about the deal.

Alison Moore, a parent of two from Manchester, said: “Obesity is a serious issue, more and more children are becoming overweight by eating too much sugary items such as sweets and fizzy soft drinks, and with children looking up to One Direction and copying what they do, this will mean more children will turn to Pepsi drinks when some parents are trying to encourage them to drink healthy drinks.”


The mother of two believes that One Direction should have thought about their fans before signing the Pepsi deal.

A source told the Sun that the deal is a huge vote of confidence for the band and will help them gain even more coverage across the world.

The Source said: “This is a huge deal for them in monetary terms, but even bigger for status as the coverage they’ll get from it is massive. They’re already stars across America, but this could catapult them to superstardom.”

“They are very rich boys but they still have to grab the commercial deals when they come along, especially something as big as Pepsi. They’re not a band who can rely on royalties.”

Do you think One Direction should have walked away from the Pepsi deal, let us know on our official Twitter page.


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