Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again For Fight In A Nightclub

Lindsay Lohan said the other week that she is turning her back on trouble and she is going to get her act together and her career back on the road, it seems she has forgotten what she has said as the troubled actress has got her self arrested yet again.


The actress has been arrested so many times the police now ask her for directions to the police station. This time around Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody after a fight broke out in a nightclub at Club Avenue.

The fight started at the popular club at around 4am when an argument between Lindsay Lohan and a female clubber got out of control and became physical.


The police were called and Lindsay Lohan was taken to her second home, the police station where she was taken into custody and arrested for allegedly assaulting the woman.

This is not the only worry Lindsay Lohan has, the actress could also be charged for allegedly lying to police about a car accident earlier this year which could mean her going back to Jail, her third home.


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