Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Katie Price Is Taking Ex Husband Peter Andre To Court

Katie Price who has denied she is still in love with her husband Peter Andre has filed a lawsuit against him.

The reality star has said that her ex-husband has lied about not knowing who raped her and has taken legal action against Peter Andre and his manager Claire Powell. Katie Price has filed a £25,000 lawsuit against the singer and his manager Claire Powell as well as her former friend Jamelah Asmar over the alleged leaking of private information.

According to sources, Peter Andre is annoyed that his name is being dragged up again and is even more annoyed that his ex-wife is taking him to court.

‘Peter Andre Not Happy Over Katie Price Court Action’

The source said: ”Peter Andre is a family man, what will the children think when they get older when they find out that their mum keeps on talking in public about their dad and keeps on taking legal action against him, Peter is not happy over this and just wishes Katie Price would give it a rest.”

Katie Price has said the reason why she has named her ex-husband in the legal action is because he lied. She said that he lied over not knowing about the details of her alleged rape by an unknown celebrity.

The reality star revealed in 2009 that she was raped by a well-known celebrity but has never brought evidence that it happened or has ever named the celebrity at the centre of the claims.

Katie Price is claiming that Peter Andre comments over the alleged rape on cast doubt on her credibility and as a result it has led to abuse from people who claim she made the whole rape up.

“It is now clear when Peter strenuously denied that we had ever discussed my rape, which led to unbelievable abuse being aimed at me, he was not being honest,” she told The Mirror.

“I will never understand why he did that knowing how I was being vilified.”

She added: “The last thing I wanted to do was to have another legal battle and I don’t want to go into any of the details. What I will say is that what I discovered gave me no choice.”

Police went to visit Katie Price in 2009 over the alleged rape but the reality star refused to name the celebrity.


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