Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Katie Price and Leandro Penna Have Split Up

It seems Katie Price has major problems when it comes to keeping her men and having a long lasting relationship, just look at Peter Andre and Alex Reid, so it no surprise to announce that Katie Price has gone through another man in her life.

Katie Price announced that she has split from Leandro Penna and said the relationship has run its course.

The sexy model and businesswoman said they had a great time together but with their work commitments and family commitments in different parts of the world the relationship became strained.

In a statement on her official website she said:

“Leo and I have had a lovely fun time for a couple of years. We will always feel deep affection for each other – but sometimes relationships just run their course.

“We have spent a huge amount of time apart, even when we were in the same country, and it was difficult for the relationship to move forward.”

Katie Price said that whoever ends up with Penna will be a very lucky girl.


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