Sunday, May 22, 2022

Drunk Passengers Force Ryanair Flight To Land At Beauvis Airport

A Ryanair flight from Glasgow to Ibiza was forced to divert to Beauvais Airport near Paris after 16 Drunken Scottish passengers were putting the aircraft at risk.

The group of passengers caused such a commotion on board the Ryanair flight the Captain thought it would be to dangerous to fly to their destination which was Ibiza and requested permission to divert to Beauvis Airport.

Police escorted 16 Scottish passengers off the plane on Tuesday evening where they were held in custody and questioned.

A police spokesman said the passengers who were escorted off the plane thought they had landed in Ibiza.

According to a passenger on board the Ryanair flight to Ibiza, the passengers were dancing around the plane and were being very noisy.


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