Saturday, May 28, 2022

Cyprus Tourism Goes Through The Roof

At a time when people are watching the pennies and reducing their holidays from two a year to one a year, it is important that you choose the right holiday. According to a recent report it seems the right holiday is Cyprus after it was reported that the popular destination saw an increase in tourism by 29 per cent in April.

Cyprus which promises you great food, cheap but luxury accommodation and amazing weather has become a huge hit with holiday makers looking for a change from their normal holiday destinations.

According to the Cypriot Government report, Cyprus holidays have enjoyed a 43 per cent year on year increase in attracting overseas holidaymakers from the UK, Germany and Russia. In April 199,762 tourist visited Cyprus compared to 139,658 in April 2010 showing Cyprus is becoming a hot spot for holidaymakers.


The report showed that the increase was a huge thank you to the people of the UK who visited Cyrpus for their excellent weather and cheap prices.

The Cypriot Government want this rise to continue and want more and more holiday makers to visit Cyprus where they will be guaranteed great food, beaches and amazing nightlife.

It is not only the weather that is attracting UK holidaymakers to Cyrpus, cheap flights to the sunny destination has encouraged holiday makers to turn their back on Spain and take their annual holiday in Cyrpus by booking hotels direct and choosing their own cheap flight.


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