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Boating season has begun and in this time, everybody wants to get out on the water to enjoy an amazing ocean ride. Some people come with their own boats, yachts or ships while others enjoy the ride on a borrowed boat from a boat club. Bringing your own boat always gives a great pleasure than to borrow or rent from any boat club. But this pleasure brings lots of other problems too as there is a complete process of its maintenance that is not as such easy to do. For example: cleaning is the foremost thing you have to take care, then there comes the battery and mechanical problems, which are often found when you are de-winterizing. And then comes the timing which can be an issue for most areas throughout the US.

Whereas, getting out and enjoying the ocean’s ride with a boat club is less stressful. A boat club operates in a similar fashion to a country club: for a monthly fee, members have reserved access to a fleet of boats on local marinas and some other destinations as well.

Below you will found a brief difference between boat ownership and boat club membership, and after that you will be able to choose what would you prefer for enjoying a peaceful, adventurous ride, also you will come to know that which is the number one service provider in boat club industry.

san diego yacht management1Pros and Cons

The biggest “pro” for boat clubs by far is convenience. When you want to go on boating, you simply go to the marina at your reserved time and head out on the water. Another benefit is that the boats you’re using will likely be new and nice.

Joining a boat club will mean no more maintenance or seasonal headaches with your boat, no more slip fees, and no more driving a trailer around. Also, you will likely be able to use boats at different locations, like when you’re traveling out of town to visit relatives.

Of course, there’s also a downside: If you belong to a boat club, you have to plan ahead and reserve your boat because if you wait until the last minute, you might not be able to get the boat you want at the time you want it.

Also, the cost of a membership is as consistent as a boat payment: it comes due every month. So if your boat is already paid for, then joining a boat club may be an extra monthly cost; the money you get from selling it may only pay for a few years’ membership.

CLUB SERVICE OR OWN BOAT Money: Which costs less?

To figure out which option is more cost-effective for your family, you must take everything into account: boat payments, insurance, slip fees, transportation costs, and ongoing and seasonal maintenance.

If you have a newer boat, your payment alone is likely to be higher than the monthly cost of a boat club membership. While membership may cost you less than $400 a month, a boat payment can easily be $600 or more. And the more expensive your boat, the higher your insurance.

When your boat is in the water, the slip fee can easily add another $1000++ to your monthly cost, and you still have to pay for maintenance on the boat. If you trailer your boat back and forth instead of storing at a marina, fuel costs can add up quickly.

If you store your boat on your own property, you save on slip fees – but you spend more on transportation. Depending how far it is from the ocean, this may be a considerable cost.

If you have an older boat, you may have a smaller payment – or maybe it’s already paid for. But with an older boat, your maintenance costs are higher – especially when you start having mechanical problems. It’s important to take an honest look at what it’s costing you, in dollars as well as in time.

Once you take everything into account, it’s not unusual for boat owners to spend more than $2,000 a month on keeping their boat operational – but of course this varies widely.

If you have a paid-for boat that’s stored at a home near the ocean, then boat ownership may be the cheaper option. If you’re making payments on your boat and paying slip fees, then a boat club membership is likely to be cheaper.

Time: What Are your Priorities?

For some people, owning a boat is about the sense of pride that comes from giving it your personal touch and calling it yours – and the joy you get from taking care of your boat is more important than spending a few extra weekends on the water.

If this is your primary goal, then boat ownership is likely to suit you better than joining a boat club. After all, using the club’s boats is never going to feel the same as having one of your own.

If your goal is less about having a boat and more about using one, however, then a boat club membership may suit you better.

This option is the one that will maximize leisure time and eliminate the need to spend time fooling with your boat off the water; statistically, boat club members go boating significantly more often than boat owners.

If working on a boat is your favorite hobby, then boat ownership is an investment you will likely enjoy for many years. If family fun on the beach is your goal, then boat club membership may be a better choice.


So, with all that in mind, the renowned boat rental service providers, The Club Nautico Miami is providing number one service in the boat club industry.

Club Nautico Miami is a luxury yacht charter brokerage, proudly combining global operations with local knowledge and truly personalized, responsive and uncompromising service. Their goal is simple: to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.

It’s not just a charter company, they create “One of a Kind” Epic moments for you, your family and friends. specializing in getting clients onboard the finest yachts.

Club Nautico has a vast variety of sailing options for all kinds of celebrations, standing out with unparalleled service. Whether hosting a birthday, bachelorette, family trip, corporate gathering, wedding, anniversary, or a getaway to the Caribbean. They will present an unmatched experience for years to come.

Their core values are based on honesty, exponential effort, self-review, customer commitment, being different, and serving clients with integrity that is something, differentiates them from other boating clubs.

“It’s been over 30 years that we are working in this industry. So far, we have provided great, amazing quality oriented, well maintained all sizes based boats and yachts to thousands of happy boaters. For us customer’s satisfaction is above of all the things and we give our utmost services to meet the expectations of our clients,” said Greg Love, the owner of Club Nautico Miami.

The company’s mission is to provide every client with ‘an extra degree of effort’, meaning you receive a service beyond what is expected. It’s not just a motto, rather it is the core business value.

Its team is constantly striving to surpass all expectations and provide a flawless, incomparable service by curating a series of special experiences for those who seek to enjoy the most out of their lives. From islands cruising to Sunset Experiences, Club Nautico has the perfect day planned to guarantee you get the absolute yacht experience you’re looking for.

So, after reading all these useful information, what would you prefer? a boat ownership or a boat club service provider one like Club Nautico Miami!

Below is attached the contact details of this club.

Company name: Club Nautico Miami

Owner: Greg Love

Email: [email protected]






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