Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cheap Flights Airline Ryanair upsets passengers

Ryanair the leading cheap flights Airline have gained publicity today for all the wrong reasons leaving the low cost airline with egg on their faces.

The cheap flights airline that always pride themselves of being better and cheaper than their competition seen the anger on their customers when forty two of them were left stranded at Liverpool John Lennon airport on route to Belfast.

According to one of the passengers, they were told that the their departure gate was gate 30 but the gate was then changed at the last minute meaning the passengers had to rush to the new gate only to be told that the pilot of the cheap flight airline would not let them on board.

A spokesman for Liverpool John Lennon Airport said there had been a “breakdown of communications”.

Passengers who had missed the flight due to the mix up were shocked to be told that they would have to pay to take another flight, which left some of the passengers saying they would never again use the cheap flights airline.

One Passenger who did not want to be named said “I cannot believe we were asked to buy another flight ticket when it was the fault of Ryanair that we missed our flight, I will never use this airline again”

Some of the angry passengers refused to take their journey by the cheap flights airline as they felt they could not trust Ryanair and felt disgusted at the way they were treated so they decided to travel by ferry instead.

The passengers said they had missed the flight through no fault of their own, but they were then told they would have to pay to take another flight home.

The head of public relations at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Robin Tudor, said the incident was under internal investigation.

“We often will put out tannoys as and when there are passengers delayed or missing from a flight, but that communication wasn’t passed to us as an airport company in order to do that.”


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