Monday, January 17, 2022

Amanda Holden Says Simon Cowell Has No Chance Getting Me Into Bed

Amanda Holden Says She Would Never Sleep with Simon Cowell. Television fashion Queen and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden who has been a judge on the popular television show since 2007 has said, Simon Cowell would not have a chance in getting her into bed.

The sexy actress who was once married to Les Dennis told the Sun that sleeping with Simon Cowell would destroy their friendship. We are not sure if Amanda Holden remembers that she is married with children but I think saying sleeping with Simon Cowell would destroy their relationship should be at the bottom of her list. I think her husband Chris Hughes will be quite shocked with the remarks, hoping that the main reason Amanda Holden should not sleep with Simon Cowell should be it would wreck their marriage.

Amanda Holden, 37, was talking about Simon Cowell and his notches on his bedpost after his un-authorised biography revealed all the women that the X Factor boss has slept with.

she said: “I’d never be another notch on his bedpost. I’d very much rather be his friend because friendship lasts longer.

‘Simon Cowell Will Not Get Amanda Holden Into Bed’

“We get each other. We always have a laugh together. I make him laugh and he makes me laugh. That’s why I’m still here.”

Simon Cowell has told a friend that he regrets revealing all his secrets to Tom Bower for his unauthorised biography called Sweet Revenge: The intimate Life of Simon Cowell. A source has said the book has brought nothing but hassle to the X Factor judge and caused misery to many people who have appeared in the book, leaving Simon Cowell to apologise to them.

The book claims that not only did he date Dannii Minogue but he also cheated on his long term ex-girlfriend Terry Seymour many times and was mesmerised by ex-X Factor judge and Girls Aloud star, Cheryl Cole.

Although Amanda Holden has said she will never sleep with her boss and good news too, she should be warned that Simon Cowell loves a challenge when it comes to women as he has shown in the past.


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