Monday, January 17, 2022

Alex Reid Sends Katie Price New Boyfriend A Warning

Katie Price seems to get through engagements and husbands like the rest of us eat hot dinners and now it seems Katie Price is moving onto her next husband in the form of Kieran Hayler.


Some sources close to Katie Price are concerned about the announcement and feel she is rushing into it, but even though some friends have spoken to her about this Katie Price is determined to go through with the marriage.


Katie Price ex husband Alex Reid has sent a warning to Kieran Hayler, the cage fighter has said being married to Katie Price is like being on a roller coaster and also said that his ex wife is high maintenance.


Alex Reid said he was shocked when he heard Katie Price was getting married again especially to someone who she has only known for two minutes.


He told the Sun: “They should take longer to get to know each other. It is a roller coaster being married to her,”


“Katie’s in love with being in love. It’s new and exciting and I hope a new deep love can form. As long as Kieran understands the world he’s now part of, he’ll be fine.”

He added: “I wasn’t well-known but I became very well-known.


“The second you open the doors to the public, your life changes and you can’t close those doors straight away.

“It’s great to start with, the ego is fantastic. But it becomes addictive. You have to realise there’s more to life than having your name known.

“That stage isn’t very comfortable. I certainly had some experiences, sometimes bumpy and rough, sometimes good.”


Some relationship experts believe the reason for Katie Price recent marriage news is because she is insecure and does not like being on her own, but what ever the reason it looks like Katie Price is trying to break Elizabeth Taylor record on weddings.


By: Mark Gavin


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