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Magician Doug Roy Talks About His Magical Gender Reveal Parties

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In 2008 Karvunidis Jenna started a trend for mothers to be, a trend that has taken America by storm. That trend was Gender Reveal parties and nearly twelve years later it has reached countries all around the world. But now, one person has taken Gender Reveal Parties a step further by using magic, and that person is Doug Roy.


Doug Roy is a professional magician with many years of experience and a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). He performs magic at private parties, corporate events, weddings, and banquets and now he performs his magic at Gender Reveal Parties.


His Gender Reveal Magic shows have gained huge exposure, so we wanted to find out more about Doug Roy and why his Gender Magic Reveal parties have become is such hot demand.


  1. Doug Roy, you have made a career out of performing magic tricks, why did you decide to become a magician?

Early on, when I would perform magic as a hobby, the reason was simply because it was FUN… and I loved the fun reactions the magic caused.   But as I went pro, I began to realize what it was that caused people to react the way they did when they saw my magic.  I realized that magic is nostalgic.  That it momentarily takes the audience member back to when they were a child… when magic was ‘real’.  You see… as we age, and life happens… most of us lose the “magical wonderment” we often felt as a child.  So, when a person experiences that feeling again… it’s a beautiful thing, and a joy to be a part of!  The look on their face…. And even an occasional tear… says it all!  The post-magic hug is the confirmation that what they had just experienced was indeed magical for them!

Magic Gender Reveal Party

  1. What was your job before you decided to become a full-time magician?

My background is in sales/marketing, which really fit well with the magic because it gave me regular opportunities to practice my routines and hone my skills a bit.  I quickly discovered that magic was the absolute BEST ice-breaker when meeting people for the first time!


  1. What age were you when you decided you wanted a career in magic?

My story is common with the story of other magicians.  When I was nine years old, I saw a magician perform, and I was HOOKED!!  I went to the school library and checked out the THREE books they had on magic!  When I was finished with those… I went to the CITY library and checked out all TEN of THEIR books!!  And then… as they say…  The rest is history!!


  1. Can you remember your first ever magic trick?

Yes… vividly!  It was a SET of tricks, called Mashall Brodien’s “TV Magic Show”!  I received it as a Christmas present when I was nine!  My mother played the piano, so I clearly remember covering the piano bench with a tablecloth and laying out the tricks on it, thus turning it into my performance table!  FUN memories indeed!

Magician Doug Roy


  1. What is your favourite trick to perform?

HOW MANY favorites am I allowed to comment on???  LOL

There is one that I ALWAYS perform in my Gender Reveal Show, using a volunteer from the audience.  It draws HYSTERICAL laughs from the audience and has a STUNNING ending!!!  Sorry, but that’s all the details I’m able to provide you.  😉


  1. You have hit the headlines with your magic show where you reveal the gender of a baby, can you tell me more about that show?

First of all,… its high-energy, involves a lot of audience-participation, and is a TON of fun!  What makes the show unique is that it is custom-made and centers around moms & kids.  I use a mix of tricks I commonly use in my regular shows, as well as some customized tricks you will never see anywhere else in the word, that have a baby theme to them. 

I can also customize it to fit the audience… whether the audience is all adults, or a mix of all ages.  And if the unborn child has siblings, I involve them in the show also!  I usually begin the show by doing with strolling magic, where I mingle with everyone and perform close-up magic, and then end the show with my stand-up portion, where I perform in front of the whole group.  I do the strolling portion because when people can intimately witness the magic happening within inches of their eyes… it really takes the magic to very high level for them.  The reactions really say it all!  The strolling portion really “sets the stage” for the stand-up portion, where I perform the gender reveal as the grand finale!!  

Speaking of the gender reveal…  it is truly unlike any other!!  It’s what I call the “double hit!”  The magic stands on its own as truly Vegas-quality magic. But on top of that is the GENDER REVEAL itself, that is done through magic!!  The result is something you simply don’t get from cutting a cake, popping a balloon… or popping colored smoke!  The show ends with a photo moment of the entire group holding a custom-made banner and jumbo photo props announcing what the gender is!  The success of the entire evening is seen in the faces of everyone!

doug roy magic show

  1. It has become a very popular show, why do you think that is?

I believe there are three simple reasons:


  • Magic has a VERY HIGH entertainment value. And with the amazingly talented magicians who have performed on Americas Got Talent over the last few years, I think magic has really become even more popular!


  • People are finding that there are only so many ways you can cut a cake… or pop a balloon! And… you know they will see only ONE of two options:  Pink or Blue!  With my show… people have NO IDEA how I will be revealing the gender!!  It’s “anticipation on steroids!”  (ALSO…  there are NO bad endings, such as what has been seen in the news:  The helium-filled balloon with the reveal inside that accidentally slid out of the toddlers hand and sadly flew away… un-popped!!!  .. the fire in Arizona caused by sparks from a Gender Reveal popper that caused over $100K in damage!)


  • I think that people see that using the theme of MAGIC makes total sense! I mean… there’s nothing more magical than hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the very first time! 

With the whole process of creating life being magical, it really makes sense to reveal the gender through magic!


  1. What type of tricks do you do during your gender reveal show?

I perform a fun mix of traditional magic, where things appear … disappear… and change, as well as Mentalism, where I do mind-reading, predictions, and clairvoyance.  And everything is highly interactive, very entertaining, and usually has a splash of comedy.  Smiles, laughs, and looks of amazement is always the goal…. And the goal is always reached!


  1. Where has been the strangest place you have performed magic?

A strange place just occurred… where I did magic at a corporate holiday event held at a bowling alley!  Going from lane to lane doing Strolling magic as people bowled… and ending with stand-up magic standing ON one of the lanes itself, with my back to the pins, and facing the fun audience stretched across the sitting areas of all the lanes!  TON of fun!

  1. If you could perform magic for anyone in the world, who would it be for and why?

It would be for David Blaine (catch my breath!), because he is my idol!


To learn more about Doug Roy and the Magic Gender Reveal Party, please visit https://genderrevealmagic.com/

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