The 6 Pillars of Brain Health, According to New U Life’s Alexy Goldstein (and Why They Matter)

Health matters more than ever these days, but far too often our brain fails to receive the same kind of attention as the rest of our body. It is quick and easy to simply dump sugar and caffeine into our system to power through the day, but studies clearly show that this strategy is short-sighted and ultimately quite dangerous.

To build anything of substance in life requires first having solid foundations, and this holds equally true with physical and mental undertakings. By following proven methods and practices, one can then more deeply unlock the full potential of the body and mind.

In today’s world, there is now more information available than there is time to consume it, and so it has become necessary to discern the best paths quickly and accurately via industry experts.

One such source of knowledge is Alexy Goldstein, CEO and founder of New U Life. Through years of intensive research and first-hand experience, he has found six pillars of brain health that support healthy cognitive function.

“The human brain is one of the most miraculous constructs in existence,” says Goldstein.

“But we don’t always give its health the attention it deserves. If you want to feel and be at your best, you need to take care to support your brain like it’s your best friend, because in the end, the mind-body relationship dictates so much about our quality of life.”

  1. Focus

It’s easy for our attention to drift due to the overstimulating nature of the digital world these days, and when we fail to focus, our quality of life declines. Missed deadlines, unproductive meetings, or overlooking key details, all threaten to pump stressful cortisol throughout our bodies. While we cannot eliminate all the distractions, we can take steps to help limit their ability to rattle our minds out of focus.

“Our brains do so much for us on a daily basis,” explains Goldstein. “And to return the favor, you need to support it with proper care. This means everything from regular sleep cycles to nutrition designed to bolster the nervous system. We released NeuraVie™ specifically to meet these needs, and our customers find that focus is one of the first benefits that follow regular use.”

Increasing our ability to focus allows us to make the most of our mental resources and time, which is essential to perform at our highest level.

  1. Memory

While focus is pivotal in tackling the task at hand, having the ability to accurately recall memories is of equal importance for long-term cognitive ability.

“As we get older, it’s natural that our brains struggle to remember every little detail of the past,” explains Goldstein. “Yet if we cannot remember the core lessons from what we’ve learned and experienced over the years, we fail to utilize one of our most powerful resources. A sharp sense of memory allows us to draw upon the experiences and accomplishments of life.”

A healthy routine and nutrition lead to full access to your short and long-term memory, which can make all the difference when making important decisions that affect the future.

  1. Learning

The ability to gain new skills and understand complex bodies of knowledge is nothing short of a superpower. Learning is what sets the human brain apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, and allows us to gain abilities and knowledge.

“The brain’s ability to learn is arguably its most important function,” says Goldstein.

“While it’s innate and natural on one level, that doesn’t always mean it’s always necessarily easy. Supplements that support neurotransmitters increase the ability to learn, allowing knowledge to move faster and more efficiently between neurons. By bolstering your brain’s health, your ability to learn can leap to new heights.”

  1. Accuracy

All the previous pillars operate under the assumption that the brain functions with a sense of accuracy. “Accurate cognitive function is an underrated aspect of brain health,” says Goldstein.

“By introducing supplements like carotenoids though, the overall memory retention and recall faculties become more reliable. You need mental consistency and accuracy for healthy brain activity and introducing carotenoid blends in your system reinforces these functions.”

  1. Concentration

True concentration requires not just focus and discipline, but having a brain that is sustainably supplied. Nootropics provide the nutrients that lead to increased energy levels, but not in the short and jittery manner of pure caffeine.

“To support your brain’s ability to concentrate, you don’t necessarily need more energy,” explains Goldstein. “And often finding a sense of calmness leads to better concentration and creativity. By settling the brain down with natural amino acids, the mind then can better function in a prolonged concentrated state.”

  1. Reasoning

The brain’s ability to reason and logically deal with the world allowed humans to create our greatest works. While at times reasoning cuts like a knife to cut through obstacles, over time the edge can dull due to the physiological factors of aging. It’s inevitable to some degree, but not necessarily an unfixable problem.

“Protecting your brain as we get older means so much more than just wearing a helmet,” says Goldstein. “The body follows the brain’s lead, and how well we take care of one directly impacts the performance of the other. If you want to safeguard your mental sharpness throughout all of life, supplements become increasingly important as we age.”

Whether by scientifically backed supplements or by physical practice, taking the necessary steps to ensure a high level of brain health is an investment with endless rewards.