Interview with plastic surgeon, Dr. Scottsdale

Plastic Surgery Interview with Dr. Scottsdale who talks about plastic surgery and what is currently popular in the plastic surgery world.

People will always be interested in plastic surgery and plastic surgeon’s and how they transform the body, looks and provide confidence to men and women. Small breast, removal of excess fat in troubled areas, loose eyelids, and the removal of wrinkles are the most common reasons why so many women visit a plastic surgeon. However, it is not just women who want to look better. More men are now visiting plastic surgeons to look younger.

You have announced you are offering free closing cuts to help relieve the pressure on the ER departments during the coronavirus crisis, can you explain what you mean by closing cuts?

If anyone has a cut (laceration that would require sutures or stitches, then I could do that in my office to help prevent the patient from going to the Emergency room and taking up valuable space there.


You are a plastic surgeon, what made you want to go into that area of medicine?

I love to help people feel better about themselves, regardless of the cause. I went into plastic surgery because when I was in medical school, I saw the range of things a plastic surgeon could do such as cleft lip, traumatic injuries, aesthetic (Cosmetic) makeovers, cancer reconstruction, hand surgery. A plastic surgeon is a surgeon’s surgeon meaning they operate from head to toes literally and if another surgeon has an issue that they can fix, they call a plastic and reconstructive surgeon!


Before becoming a plastic surgeon where did you work?

I was in college before starting a career in medicine, so I have never had a job other than being a doctor. It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do. So, I guess I got to live my dream of helping others.


What was a typical day like when you worked in a hospital?

Coming in at 430-5am seeing 40-60 inpatients or patients in the hospital that had plastic and reconstructive surgery, helping other surgeons operate with cancer, hand surgery, trauma, and an occasional cosmetic surgery here and there and seeing how the 40-60 patients were doing before I went home at 7-9pm


How much training was involved to become a plastic surgeon?

5 years of general surgery, 3 years of plastic surgery or going straight to medical school and doing 3 yrs of general surgery and 3 years of plastic surgery. So, a total of 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 6-8 years after medical school to become a plastic surgeon.


What procedures do you perform at your clinic?

Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast lift, breast reductions, facelifts, eyelid surgery, neck surgery, body contouring like liposuction, tummy tucks, massive weight loss surgery, arm and leg surgery, fat transfers to almost any body part including the genital area.

Are there any new procedures you perform?

We perform minimally invasive surgery with RF (like Renuvion and Bodytite and Facetite) to tighten the skin and make recovery faster. Permanent cellulite removal with minimal downtime.  


What are the current trends in plastic surgery?

Less is more. Doing minimally invasive surgery if it can get a reasonable result compared to full blown surgery and with the cost being less as well!


What is the most requested cosmetic procedure?

Liposuction and breast augmentation


Have there been developments in the techniques in cosmetic surgery in recent years regarding excess body weight?

A no drain tummy tuck (special closing technique that allows the surgeon to not use drains and the patient to have better results and faster recovery) has been around for over a decade but is just now coming into the spotlight! And HD (high Definition) liposuction to sculpt the human body with muscle definition!


What are the most popular treatments for both women and men now?

High Definition Liposuction!


Are there more women or men coming to you?

I typically see 70% women and 30% men which the norm is 95% women and 5% men in most surgical practices.


A lot of people are still confused about the difference between Botox and fillers, can you clarify this?

Botox helps to relax muscles. By reducing the muscle movement, you’ll improve the appearance and formation of lines/ wrinkles. Like making your bed and not sleeping in it! Fillers would take a mattress that is caving and filling it so that way you could still use it, but the more you use it or (lay the bed) the quicker it will cave in again! Basically, fillers have two functions: fill-up something, like deep lines, deep wrinkles or increase the volume like cheeks or chin. Hope this helps!


Many people now say that the neck and jowls are more important than the face when it comes to ‘lifting’, would you agree?

ABSOLUTELY! That’s why my practice has some of the newest technologies to help with these specific issues.


Tell us about breast reconstruction?

This is when a woman has breast cancer and part of all of her breast is removed. Thus, a plastic surgeon helps reconstruct it with implants or her own body tissue or a combination of both implants and her own body tissue.


What are the biggest boobs you’ve ever put in a person?

800cc’s silicone even though saline implants can go up more than that even it will void the manufacturer’s warranty!  I have stacked implants in training thus putting two implants per side of a patient due to her size for a total of 1600cc’s per side. Not sure how it turned out since I did it in my training.


Have you ever had an unusual request for cosmetic surgery?

Make my feet smaller and thinners. Extremely difficult and nearly impossible to do or make my penis 6 inches longer


Some people worry about having an unnatural look when having plastic surgery, how can you ensure that this is not the case?

Only offer what I can do safely within what their body allows. I never overpromise!


Do you agree to give every person plastic surgery to improve their appearance?

NO, never, if they are not healthy then absolutely not. IF I feel I can’t exceed their expectation then I don’t offer surgery, EVER!


What reason is not acceptable for a cosmetic procedure, in your opinion?

Because someone else thinks I need it or someone else recommends I get plastic surgery.


A lot of people believe that having plastic surgery is not just about making a person look good, but it can also provide them with confidence, and empower them, would you agree?

Absolutely, I consider myself a surgical psychologist. I help people feel better about themselves mentally. I think that I can balance what they see with what they want to see especially in their brain.


How do you think plastic surgery will develop in the future?

Scarless magic to get people what they want but it is decades if not centuries away or at least scarless surgery of some sort.


A lot of people are visiting countries such as India for cosmetic surgery to save money, many of those people have come back feeling unhappy while others have had serious complications, and some have died. What is your opinion on people going to less developed countries to receive cheaper cosmetic surgery?

I think and know there are good surgeons all over the world regardless of country but when someone is charging 90% less than here, you will be just a number in the assembly line of getting surgery done and thus the safety profile is not the same. What they need to pay for employees is different there than here. There is no malpractice in other countries and maybe the sterilization is not to the level that it should be. If you can afford to have it done in your own country the better, it is!


Have you ever had someone come to your clinic and thought I could not fix the problem?

Yes. I wish I was God, but I am not and thus let patients know that I can’t fix it and let me know that someone else may be able to if that is an option.


I have heard that some cosmetic surgeons when they meet people socially quietly think to themselves what changes they could make to them, are you one of those people?

I used to be, but I know how to turn it off now, when I leave work. It was good practice when you got done with training but not anymore.


You see the Kardashians taking over social media and their bodies are literally transforming so fast, do you have people coming to you trying to keep up with celebrities?

Yes, but most cannot afford to keep up! It’s expensive to constantly try and change your look. I call it the liposuction diet. You eat whatever you want and come in to get the fat you gained from eating sucked out every 1-3 years.


Would you like to see the plastic surgery industry become under stricter rules?

Yes, but with more transparency meaning that everyone who did cosmetic surgery was obligated to report in BOLD letter what their actual and formal training was in. Like if you were an oral surgeon or internal medicine doctor or OB/gyn doctor performing breast augmentations that they patients knew and were not misled into believing that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are the same thing!


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