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Some B&M Staff Breaking COVID Rules

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After receiving reports that some staff at B&M in Grimsby were breaking the new COVID rules we decided to investigate.

New rules have been introduced by the government after concerns about a new variant of Covid spreading like wildfire around the UK.

The Omicron COVID case was first identified by researchers in Southern Africa and now it is spreading around the UK with the first Lincolnshire cases being reported today.

As a result of the new strain, the UK government introduced new rules which they hope will stop the spread of the new variant. One of those rules was the re-introduction of face masks.

While the majority of stores and supermarkets are taking COVID and the new rules seriously, it seems some others are not.

We visited B&M in Grimsby to see if the reports of some staff not wearing face masks were true. When we arrived, we were shocked, especially with the number of new Covid cases increasing.

It took me one minute to see a member of staff not wearing a face mask, and then within a couple of other minutes I spotted another member of staff.

The biggest shock was when I spotted a male member of B&M staff sat on the floor stocking the drinks section not wearing a mask and coughing.

The male member of staff continued to cough, and not only did he not have a face mask on, but he did also not even put or attempt to put his hand over his mouth.

When the said member of staff was walking past other shoppers he continued to cough, and still not wearing a face mask or covering his mouth.

B&M has really let Grimsby down. While 99% of the customers we saw in B&M had face masks on, it seems some of the staff were not taking Covid seriously.

We did reach out to B&M for a comment on the matter, but they have failed to respond.



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