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Third Covid Death In South Kesteven In A Week

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  • Three More People Die Of Covid In South Kesteven


A third covid death has been recorded in South Kesteven this week. This means the number of people who have died in the area stands at 283.

At a time when those living in South Kesteven were hoping the virus was coming under control, the latest Covid deaths in the area is not great news.

There were no deaths recorded in June and July, which makes this latest news very worrying for the area.

In the past seven days, it has been reported by Public Health England that 439 people have tested positive for Covid in South Kesteven

According to official reports, the seven-day infection rate for the area stands at 332.3 per 100,000 people. 8.5 per cent of the population in South Kesteven have tested positive for Covid since the pandemic began.

This latest news is echoing what is happening around Lincolnshire and the country with more cases being reported. Some experts believe we are heading towards another lockdown. However, Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he will not put the country into another lockdown.

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