Sunday, May 22, 2022

Lincolnshire Police Ask Grantham, Skegness, and Boston Motorists For Calm Over Petrol Shortage

Lincolnshire Police are asking for people to keep calm after reports of petrol shortage across the Lincolnshire region

  • Police appeal for motorists to be sensible after long queues form at petrol stations across Lincolnshire


Due to the fear of petrol shortages, motorists across Grantham, Skegness, Boston and the rest of Lincolnshire have been panic buying. This has caused long queues outside of petrol stations.

Lincolnshire Police are asking for motorist to stay calm and act responsibly after reports of near misses outside and near petrol stations.

The queues outside petrol stations across Lincolnshire are making the roads dangerous according to many staff at petrol stations. Two of our Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle reporters have already witnessed two near misses where cars have nearly crashed into each other.

Some petrol stations have closed down due to the lack of petrol, including Tesco Petrol Station in Skegness, and petrol stations in Grantham. If people continue to panic buy petrol, then more petrol stations will run out and be forced to close.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “While we appreciate that some people may be particularly keen to fill up their vehicles this weekend, we would respectfully ask motorists to be sensible when making judgements about joining a queue at a petrol station.

Lincolnshire Police are asking motorists not to form long queues. They are advising drivers to choose a different petrol station or return later that day if the queue is too long.

Shell Service Station, Manthorpe Road, ESSO on London Road, Sainbury’s Petrol Station and the ESSO Service Station on Harlaxton Road, were all coned off to the public earlier today.

Boris Johnson has been told he needs to sort out the HGV problem out to stop the country coming to a standstill.


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