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Grantham Job Boost With The Creation of 1,700 New Jobs

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Major job boost for Grantham with the creation of 1,700 new jobs at £100 million warehouse site


Great news for Grantham. A massive £100 million industrial development near Grantham which has been given the go ahead by South Kesteven District Council will be a game changer for the town.

The new development which will generate 1,700 new jobs for the area has been welcomed by residents of Grantham.

Applicant Carta Real Estate (Grantham) said the proposals to build three massive warehouses on Spitalgate would create 1,727 full-time equivalent jobs.

South Kesteven District Council planning committee approved the outline application on Thursday. It is part of a wide exciting Grantham Southern Gateway Strategy.

Carta Real Estate director James Ridings said: “The development will provide pioneering and sustainable environment to attract new businesses to the district and provide space for existing businesses to develop further.”

He said the scheme, which had been designed over three years in collaboration with SKDC officers, was a “true reflection of the collective view”.

“We’ve worked considerably with investors who described our proposal as a genuine game changer for Grantham and stated that Cambridge, Peterborough and Doncaster have all attracted investment and job creation,” he said.

“This site will allow Grantham to compete on an equal playing field.”

A spokesman for the council said the plans were considered to be acceptable and did not negatively impact on the character and appearance of the area.

Chris Brown, principle planning officer, said: “The proposal represents a high value investment in the district, wider public benefits are therefore considered to be significant and strongly weigh in favour of the application.”

Councillor Paul Wood who has welcomed the news said the planning application was a no brainer. “It will create jobs, it’s in the right area for investment, the few little problems can be sorted out.”

Councillor Jacky Smith said: “This is a major development for the people of Grantham, surrounding and everything. It’s something we have waited for a long, long time.

“It’s something Grantham has needed for a long time, and I will be one of the first to have a really good shout for joy when it gets completed.”

Since the news was announced, residents of Grantham, Lincolnshire have become excited about the prospect of so many new jobs being brought into the area.

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