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Empty Shelves In Grantham Is Down To Shortage Of HGV Drivers Says Supermarket Boss

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Supermarket boss says food shortages are worst he has ever seen following empty shelves in Lincolnshire


Those living in Grantham and Lincolnshire have been shocked by the number of empty shelves when they visit their local supermarket. One supermarket boss has said he has never seen it so bad and puts the blame down to the lack of HGV drivers.

McDonalds, Subway, and Greggs announced this week that they were suffering from a shortage of products, but now that problem has caused problems for supermarkets.

Supermarkets in Grantham and other areas of Lincolnshire have reported a shortage of products, and some have warned the shortage could continue until Christmas and beyond.

Steve Murrells, the boss of the Co-Op, partly blamed a shortage of HGV drivers for the issue.

The Co-Op is taking firm action by retraining some members of their staff to drive lorries.

The shortage of HGV drivers was foreseen some years ago. Experts warned that with drivers leaving the industry due to bad pay, and the large number of drivers reaching retirement age, there would be a serious problem.

Mr Denby also said that the cancellation of driving tests during the pandemic and Brexit were partly behind the problem.

Supermarkets have warned that come Christmas there could be many products not available, which includes items for Christmas dinner.


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