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Fern Britton Quit This Morning Due To Being Treated Badly

Why Fern Britton Left This Morning

Fern Britton, 62 has finally revealed the real reason why she quit This Morning in 2009. According to the former This Morning Presenter, and now successful author, it had nothing to do with Philip Schofield being paid more than her.

At the time Fern Britton quit This Morning, all the newspapers claimed that she quit the ITV show due to Philip Schofield being paid much more than her for doing the same job. But now Fern Britton has set the record straight and said she was shocked at how she was treated.

‘I Could No Longer Carry On With This Morning Said Fern Britton’

fern britton quit this morningFern Britton who has become one of the most popular This Morning presenters said she could no longer carry on presenting the show due to the way she was being treated. On the day she resigned she said something big happened that was the final straw but refused to comment on what that was.

The successful author said on The Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1: “I began not to enjoy it so much and the morning I resigned; I didn’t know I was going to resigned.

“Something happened and I thought, ‘That’s it really’ and I walked away and resigned.

“I was treated pretty poorly, actually. And after a while I just thought, ‘Sod it’.

When asked about the rumours of her leaving This Morning due to Philip Schofield being paid more than her, Fern Britton explained:

“There were a lot of stories that I left because Phillip was being paid more than me and I always say to people, ‘Why would I leave a show to go to nothing if I was worried about money?'”

fern britton quit this morningFern Britton explained that she was not happy with how the media also treated her with lots of paparazzi always outside her house.

When she was asked about Philip Schofield coming out as gay, Fern Britton responded and said she was not surprised.

Phillip revealed that he regretted them not keeping in touch after she left, he claimed during a 2013 Heat magazine interview.

Many fans of This Morning have said they would like to see Fern Britton return to the show, with some claiming Fern Britton and Philip Schofield were the best partnership the show has ever had.


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