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Stacccs is a native Toronto artist who is now looking to create a buzz for himself in the rap game


As a life long music enthusiast, Stacccs draws his inspiration from the likes of 2pac, B.I.G, Jay-Z, 50cent, Lil Wayne, Max B, French Montana, Gucci Mane, and Young Buck. Stacccs accredits G-unit’s Young Buck for being the most influential out the bunch and inspiring him to create music of his own.

With a side hustle , Stacccs been cooking up heartfelt music at a high rate. His album “Naz Nation” is now available on SoundCloud and many other popular streaming platforms.

His first single “Dirty Money” is a smooth bar heavy track over a soulful beat that sets the stage perfectly. The combination makes for an enjoyable blend and knocks from start to finish without any dry spots in the middle.

His second single “So Bad ” is different from his previous release and is sure to resonate well in the modern rap market. Overall it displays his broad range of talent and versatility, proving he can adjust his approach to suit any audience.

Be sure to check out the video on YouTube, or listen to the single on ALL streaming platforms. Follow Stacccs on Instagram @stvcccs, and Twitter @StaTripleEx for more music updates.


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