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Hip Hop Star 24Kay Talks About Life In The Music World

24Kay has burst on the Hip-Hop scene with a huge explosion. The artist from Lithonia, Georgia, has quickly become one of the most talked about stars of his generation.

With 14 EPs under his belt, and his songs being available on Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Music and more, 24Kay has managed to accumulate fans from all corners of the world.

The artist born as Kendrick Fludd Jr. is known for his tracks which includes Poet Knows It, Da Galxy, and A Different Step. So, with so much success already under his belt, it is no wonder why so many in the music industry have said he is an artist to watch out for.

We decided to find out more about the young artist and this is what he had to say.


First of all, please introduce yourself. 24Kay is the name and creating music is in the vein. Growing up listening to music intrigued the mind more than anything. I appreciate the sounds and all the different instruments.


You are an up-and-coming Hip Hop star, when did you first get interested in music? Being young listening to all types of music. It drove me more into the passion and craving of wanting to make my own sounds.


Why did you decide to get into Hip-Hop instead of pop music or other styles of music? Hip Hop is my culture so no matter what other genre I branch out to it’ll always be Hip Hop music created by 24Kay. Other than that, all styles are my style.


You are known as 24Kay, how did you come up with that name and is there a meaning behind it? 24Kay is what I go by and it’s crazy how it came about. At first, I wanted to go by kayjay & it just didn’t rings bell for me nor anyone in the studio in me. Sitting down and thinking for a minute. Studio man told me “24Kay” & it stuck with me. 24Kay means me being all day and also being a big fan of jewelry too. It’s lots of ways I flip it honestly.


You have a huge following and recently said that you want to revolutionize Hip-Hop, what did you mean by that and what plans do you have to achieve that? Doing my best to make the culture looked at as more good then bad. A lot of people think Hip Hop then all of a sudden think all Hip Hop is bad, and some might not want to give it a try due to the certain problems they may think.


You have got people excited by your style; how would you class your style of Hip-Hop? Classify it as a Smooth Street Dude. Unique swag and most definitely my own style. You have to know how to be yourself and still stand out.


Your step uncle is a professional musician, but who inspires you in the music world? A lot of people inspire me in the music world. It’ll be a long list of names if I was to list all. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel a way if I left them out.


Tell me more about your childhood friend 24Demar and how you started working together? 24Demar & I grew up together in the same city same state. Even went to the same school for a couple years together. Crazy thing is, we didn’t even know each other did music until after we both graduated and parted ways. We ended up finally reuniting and creating music the same day we reunited.


You have released 14 Eps, so when can we expect to see you launch an album? I’ve recently launched an album December that just passed collab with “Lo6ix” the whole project. It was nice y’all need to check it out “Part 2”

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Talent competitions like American Idol overlook Hip-Hop, what is that? They only overlook it because, they don’t know what they are missing out on honestly. Not everyone knows what to do with certain sounds when it comes to Hip Hop.


You have gained fans in all corners of the world, so my question to you is, when can your fans expect to see you tour? Very soon as soon as the Covid clears up more in the States. I was just about to go overseas to South Korea before the covid hit. It was all getting planned to be put in works.


A lot of your fans are based in the UK, so with a growing fan base there do you have plans to tour the UK? Of course! I’d love to tour in the UK. Only see it on social media haven’t got to see it in person. Also, love to perform for my fans and let them hear good music.

A lot of young people have dreams of becoming an artist but receive little support from their teachers or family, what would you say to a young people who wants to follow their music dreams? Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of what you want to do. No matter who doesn’t support you keep on going. Believe it or not, as much family and friends you think you got. They won’t be the first to support not all the time. So, don’t be looking for any handouts or anyone to feel bad for you. No one around you ever been where you been so how would they know what it takes?


So, what can we expect from you in the near future? A lot more music, interviews, probably more feats and be looking for me to be back out on tour soon!


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