Wednesday, January 26, 2022

FilmoCrat™ introduces new disruptive AI Network fusing film funding, movie PR, and VOD streaming into an integral cinematic process

FilmoCrat™ offers fans of cinema one of the most unique platforms in all of motion picture production. FilmoCrat™ is the first automated platform to issue digital shares in films allowing investors of all kinds to become a stakeholder in a motion picture. The unique platform gives investment opportunities to a wide range of individuals with investors having the opportunity for a return of investment.

FilmoCrat™ is a disruptive platform that engages the film industry by streaming movies through the new IoT-smart encryption format. More and more filmgoers are watching movies at home on the small screen via streaming instead of going to the cinema. As audience preference changes, so do the goals of filmmakers. Making films available for streaming has replaced the previous desire for wide release in cinemas.

The unique platform FilmoCrat™ makes it possible for films to receive funding and for investors to engage with production. FilmoCrat’s goals are to remake the entertainment industry at the capital market level. It plans to do this by supporting growth in the industry via new active stocks called Smart Assets.

The corresponding ROI investors earn will be sent directly to their accounts via API in cybersecurity environments. FilmoCrat™ is a feature-film sharing platform linking members-only film funding with audience engagement and encrypted global VOD streaming. The platform is a patent-pending system and will likely have no competition for the foreseeable future.

FilmoCrat’s seed fundraising round starts soon. Investors have the opportunity to acquire FilmoCrat™ shares at the early adopter prices.

Potential investors can register with FilmoCrat™ at and begin making entertain history.


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