Thursday, January 27, 2022

Special Treatment is being given to Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is in a sex Addiction clinic receiving therapy for his addiction but according to patients of the clinic, Tiger Woods is being treated with kit gloves and the patients are not happy with Tiger Woods.

Do you think it is right for Tiger Woods to be treated different at the clinic because he is a well known celebrity, or do you think he should be treated the same as other patients. If you were a patient at the clinic would you be happy if he was being treated different from you or do you think the patients are wrong in complaining at the special treatment Tiger Woods is receiving.

We would like to know what you think. Read the article below and then let us know your opinion.
Tiger Woods has upset his wife Elin with all the affairs he has had, Tiger Woods has upset his sponsors who dropped him and Tiger Woods upset his mistresses after trying to buy them off but amazingly enough the most shocking of them all is Tiger Woods has upset his fellow patients at a sex addiction clinic who don’t want him there. It seems nobody wants Tiger Woods.
Patients at a sex clinic in Mississippi where Tiger Woods is receiving treatment for his addiction to sex in the hope that if he can beat his addiction his wife would come back to him, want the golfing star to leave because they are angry that he is not being treated like a patient with an addiction and instead he is being treated like royalty with the staff at the sex addiction clinic running around after him.
Tiger Woods has upset his fellow patients so much that they are threatening to leave unless the golfing star is booted out or treated like a normal patient.

One former Patient said: “Staff are running around after him like he is god or something. Everyone wants a look at him and wants to speak to him instead of treating him. All the patients feel like second class patients since he arrived and it is getting so bad that patients are threatening to leave.”

“It is not just that he is being treated differently that has angered us all, it is also that when he walks into a room, it does not matter if we are watching television or reading, we have to leave as we are not allowed near him.”

Patients are also annoyed that the golfing star refuses to undergo group sessions and instead has demanded that he has one to one sessions, which is normally unheard of.

A source at the sex addiction clinic has said: “It is true that Tiger Woods is receiving one on one therapy and this is due to his management and his legal team asking for this strange request. According to his legal team, Tiger Woods is worried that if he receives treatment with the other patients then they may sell stories about him, which is absolute rubbish. Patients come here to receive treatment and not to make a quick buck. Patients are very angry about it and we have received a number of complaints.”

Normally as part of their treatment patients have to fend for themselves which includes making their own beds, cleaning their rooms and scrubbing toilets but Tiger Woods has refused to do any of this and instead staff at the clinic are doing it all for him.

Tiger Woods believes that he can save his marriage once he comes out of the clinic but sources to Elin legal team have said there is no going back and Elin is only interested in moving forward.


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