Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Max Clifford Denies Sex Abuse Allegations

Max Clifford Denies Sex Abuse Allegations. The celebrity world was in shock yesterday (December 6th) when their friend and protector Max Clifford was arrested over Sex abuse allegations. According to the PR Guru, he totally denies the allegations and has said the allegations are not only untrue they are damaging his reputation.

Max Clifford was arrested at his £3 million pound home on the morning of the 6th December by officers from Operation Yewtree, which was set up after the Jimmy Saville scandal hit the headlines.

‘Max Clifford Says He Is Not Guilty’


The publicist has now been released by the Metropolitan Police; he has been released on bail where he will be required to attend the police station at a later date.

Max Clifford, 69, gave a statement outside the police station in central London where he confirmed he had been questioned of sex abuse allegations dating back to 1977.

Clifford has since been released by Metropolitan Police on bail and delivered a statement outside the central London station.

He said: “These allegations are damaging and totally untrue.

“On a personal level, they are very distressing for myself, my wife and loved ones.

 “Anyone who really knew me all those years ago, and those who have known me since, will have no doubt that I would never act in the way I have today been accused.”

 Police have said more high profile people will be arrested during the investigation.


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