Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Manchester United fans angry at Alex Ferguson over Michael Owen

Manchester United Boss Alex Ferguson is not helping Michael Owen chances of be included in the England Team according to England Coach Fabio Capello and in2town Lifestyle magazine Manchester United football fans readers agree with Fabio Capello.
According to Fabio Capello who thinks Michael Owen is one of the best English Players in the Premiership, Alex Ferguson is not helping the Manchester United Player in is mission of becoming an England Player for the World Cup and is making it very hard for Fabio to include Michael Owen in the World Cup Campaign.
Michael Owen who has been an outstanding Manchester United player this season is not being included in all of the Manchester United games and is only a bit player which means that he is not getting the fitness that he needs and also not getting the practice that he needs with full 90 minute games.
In2town Lifestyle Magazine Manchester United Football fans are convinced that Manchester United Box Alex Ferguson does not want Michael Owen included in the England team in case he has an injury, which would destroy chances of Manchester United winning more titles.
According to Simon Carr from London, “I do not believe Alex Ferguson wants Michael Owen to play for the England Team which is wrong, Michael Owen has been great for Manchester United but he needs more games to be considered for the England team and the England team needs him.”
Steve Folden from Manchester Said “I have been a Manchester United fan all my life and I respect Alex Ferguson but he is wrong at the moment, he needs to make sure that he plays Michael Owen in more games as we need him if we have any chance of winning the world cup.”
Sally James from Stockport said  “How on earth are we going to win the World Cup when Fabio will not pick Michael Owen, I am not just blaming Fabio, I am blaming our Manager Alex Ferguson who is not playing Michael Owen as often as he should be. How can he not play him when he scored three goals? He scored three goals and then did not play him the next game, this is wrong for England and wrong for United.”
After in2town Lifestyle Magazine spoke to over 100 Manchester United Fans and 100 England Fans, we have found that fans are very worried about the forth coming World Cup and feel that Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson is wrong to not play Michael Owen more often.



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