Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Katie Price Wants To Appear on The Only Way Is Essex

Is Katie Price, 35, trying to show ITV that she could still be a good ratings winner by trying to get on The Only Way Is Essex.

The model formally known as Jordan has said she would like to make a guest appearance on The Only Way Is Essex and it seems show bosses could be interested.

Katie Price who is known for talking a lot of rubbish and insulting real celebrities to try and get headline news, says she likes the glamour of The Only Way Is Essex

The Sun reported her as saying: “I know a couple of people from TOWIE and it’s all about glamour, which I like. I wouldn’t say no if I was asked to appear.

“I do all my signings in Essex because I enjoy being here so much.

“The girls that come to my signings are really glamorous and I like that. They are all different ages, but mostly in their mid-teens,” she added.

Like her or loath her, if she did appear on The Only Way Is Essex, she would help bring new viewers to a show that could hit rock bottom after Joey Essex has decided to leave.


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