Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Donald Trump Unfollows Piers Morgan On Twitter

Piers Morgan Unfollowed By Donald Trump On Twitter


Piers Morgan is today in shock after his long-term friend Donald Trump unfollowed him on Twitter.

The Good Morning Britain presenter woke up this morning to discovery that the President of The United States dumped him on the social network, and Piers Morgan isn’t happy.

Celebrities were quick to poke fun at Piers Morgan, especially Match Of The Day Presenter Gary Lineker. It is not just celebrities who have been having a field day over news that Donald Trump Unfollowed Piers Morgan, GMB viewers have also had some fun with the news.

Piers Morgan who has always defended the wacky President must have grown a pair of balls when he wrote the article for Mailonline on Donald Trump handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, Piers Morgan has been very short-sighted when it comes to Donald Trump, and his interviews with the President have always been very lame and amateurish.

52,400 people have died in the US because of the virus with 927,000 contracting it. Donald Trump who has become a laughing joke as a President was not best pleased when Piers Morgan said that Trump’s theories were going to result in more deaths. Donald Trump read the article and according to sources became very angry his once close friend has turned on him.

Donald Trump shocked the world when he said that injecting coronavirus patients with disinfectant could treat the illness. For once Piers Morgan was shocked and said the crazy idea will kill people.

“I just see a president pretending to be a medical expert and spewing theories that might have disastrous consequences,” Piers Morgan wrote in his column.

“By far the most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his bats**t crazy theories about how to beat the virus,” he added.

Piers Morgan has always been very proud to be friends with the President, even though his friendship has made him a laughingstock. Knowing how Piers Morgan boasts about his friendship with the President, Donald Trump decided to embarrass him in the best possible way by unfollowing him on Twitter. It seems to have worked, as Piers Morgan has become the butt of many jokes.



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