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You Have an Idea for an Invention … Now What?

I Have An Idea For An Invention, Now What?


Brilliant ideas strike people all the time. It is said that each day tens of millions of people come up with an idea for an invention but only a small selection of those people take it to the next stage.

Some say, coming up with an invention is the easy part, the hard part is not knowing how to proceed and how to take that invention and bring it to market. It is important when you have an idea for an invention to contact an expert who can help to take that idea and transform it into a protype and then take it to market, but there are three important steps to take first.


Step 1: Document and Record Your Invention Ideas

Step 2: Make Sure Your Invention is Not Already Patented

Step 3: Do Some Research to Make Sure Your Idea Has a Market


Once you have documented the invention, and checked to see if the invention has not already been patented, and finished your research to see if there is a market for it, it is important to get an expert on your side. We have sat down with one of those experts to learn more about the process of taking an invention to market. We spoke with Bradly Pallister, the co-founder of Innovolo Ltd who are on the lookout for new inventions.


  1. Bradly Pallister, You are the co-of Innovolo Ltd, can you explain what your company does?

We capture your dream; your idea and we make it grow legs. We make your idea actually happen. So, you may be afraid to even voice your idea, not knowing how you will ever manage to get this to market.  This is where we come in. We make that happen.


  1. So, Innovolo Ltd is a Product Development and Design consultancy service, what does that mean?

So, we use a method created by ourselves called the Innovolation Framework.  This Framework consisting of various modules, ensures the project is carried out systematically and thoroughly ensuring the best level of possible success every time.


  1. You are currently looking for new products to design, what type of products are you looking for?
    We will consider any idea that a client will bring to us. We have a process for validating ideas, and every idea – without exception – goes through that.  One really important point is the expected ROI (return on investment) for the client.  So, if we can’t guarantee that our client is going to get the ROI that he/she needs, then we will turn down the project.  Simple as that.  It’s all about the client, every time.


  1. So, what types of products are we currently working on?

That’s a difficult one to answer without telling too many secrets!  All our projects are highly confidential. But to give an example we are currently involved in a few robotics programmes on one end of the scale, and then right the way across to something as seemingly simple as a spoon redesign.  We do quite a few projects that are related in some way to the construction industry, but we’re also well versed in the likes of water saving technologies, electronic music devices, biodegradable packaging, and chemical reformulating just to name a few.

how to market an invention

  1. So, if someone had an idea for a new product, what should they do?

Get in touch.  We have a great team ready to help with the first steps of the project. First of all, we offer a free feasibility study. In this study we are brutally honest. That means if we think your idea won´t go anywhere we will tell you just that. Having said that, usually every idea can be taken somewhere.  Before we tell you that your idea has fallen flat, we first spend time to see if we can build an arm or a leg onto it to make it more feasible!


  1. What about if someone thought they had an amazing idea, but friends and family thought it was daft, should they still get in touch?

Absolutely.  This is just the reason we offer a free feasibility study.  This offers an unprejudiced, outsiders view on it all. We believe nearly every idea is a good one – we have this saying, “successful products all start with a little idea”.  The problem is with family and friends – and often oneself, is that we cannot see the roadmap for the journey we need to take to make the idea brilliant.  We can help with just this!


  1. If someone had an idea, let’s say they had an idea for a product to make the perfect steak, would they need to have a prototype, or could they just have idea with plans of the product?

No – no prototype. We just need your idea. The rest is what we are good at – we will create a plan to develop your idea


  1. So, what is the process of someone having an idea for a product and for that product to then be brought to market?

So, as I mentioned earlier – we use our Innovolation Framework which is a structure of modules going from an initial Feasibility study right through to getting IP protection for your product. We start always with the free feasibility study.  We do not believe in pursing an idea that we are convinced won´t work. We then enlarge on your initial idea – brainstorming sessions, with the client if wished, to come up with concept designs to really make your idea come alive. We move through Specification, Design Risk Assessment, Prototyping, Testing and Certification, Documentation and Manuals, Product sourcing and even Product Training if needed. We are on a mission to create raving fans.

The Innovolation Framework is our unique methodology, or “Innovolo’s Product Development Process” if you like.  If you know about waterfall or agile project management approaches, well, the Innovolation Framework is a kind of hybrid “wagile” approach which combines the best of both parts in a modular structure that the client can cherry-pick as he/she wishes.

It gives the client an unmatched access to experts in every phase of the product development journey.  It includes a fairly heavy dose of Prince2 as well which is tailored to suit the fuzzy innovation environment.

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  1. How long would someone have to wait when contacting you with an idea for a new product have to wait?

We will respond within one working day to discuss your idea.  The feasibility study will be created in the next 7-10 days. Then after that its full speed ahead.


  1. How do you decide what is a good idea for an invention and what is a bad idea?

When conducting the feasibility study, we consider all areas. We consider the economic feasibility of the product, the geopolitical feasibility, obviously the design feasibility, environmental, social and even historical feasibility. You know it’s amazing sometimes how often someone has had the same amazing idea in the past as I have!


  1. How do you protect someone’s Intellectual Property?

We employ professional IP Attorneys that will ensure your property is protected.  This is a simple process for our client as we take care of this almost entirely only needing slight input from the client in way of brand/trade name etc


  1. Do you believe that everyone has in them an idea for a good invention?

Yes, I truly believe this.  But not everyone has the vision to see the end of the project and even if they have the vision they do not know how to get there.  They say that an inventor has a different brain to a general person.  It is a physical thing.  An inventor’s brain is made up in a way that it is impossible to systematically find his way to his goal.  That’s why so many inventors with absolute brilliant ideas actually fail.  Our main aim is to lead systematic creativity to stop this happening.


  1. Why do some inventions fail, one of the most famous ones I am talking about is the Sinclair C5 which had a multi-million-dollar investment?

I don’t actually know much about this particular one – you can’t always believe everything you read in the press – but what I do know is, that most projects fail because of lack of planning.  We at Innovolo know that to “fail to plan” really means that I “plan to fail”. You know how some housewives say that once they have all their jobs on paper, its half done?  There is so much truth in this.  Planning is key to success.

Our process is literally the full package and includes – just going back to your point about the Sinclair C5 – full market research and marketing packages within the modules.


If you have an idea for an invention, and fancy finding out if your invention could be the next big thing, then visit the experts at




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