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WikiPro Talk About Their New Business Communication Tool

One of the most important business communication tools of 2020 has been launched, and if you have not heard about it, then where have you been for the past six months.

The new business communication tool is called WikiPro, and already it has gained huge exposure around the world and become a vital talking point with business leaders.

So why has the new business tool become so popular, and why does everyone want to get their hands on one? Well, the answer is simple. It makes communication with clients and customers so much easier and saves a great deal of time.

We decided to get together with the people behind WikiPro and find out more about their new communication tool.


You launched a new business tool called WikiPro, but you don’t know what is does. I can explain what it is for you.

WikiPro is a messaging tool for small business owners to get more customers and sales.


How is WikiPro different from all the other business communication tools available?

WikiPro is an all-in-one business for customer messaging tool.

WikiPro is different from others by the following:

  1. It puts texting as the #1 communication channel. Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, comparing that to just 20% of all emails! And, on average, it takes only 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text and 90 minutes to respond to an email!
  2. It has mobile app for both business owners and customers. Competitors do not offer customer mobile app. Mobile App makes sense if there are lots of communications between businesses and customers. It does not cost money to send app messages.
  3. We put customer CRM, customer communication, team chat and workflow in just one system!.
  4. Other features include e-signature, file sharing, reviews, task management etc. Business owners do not need to use a dozen tools to achieve what WikiPro does in one system.


Do you believe that some of the ways professional people communicate are outdated?

Yes, they are outdated. Phone and email are too outdated. In the mobile age, we need better tools like WikiPro to deal with professional people communication.


Do you think sending emails is outdated? Why?

Emails are outdated. Email have delivery issues, spam issues, response time issues.

That’s why you see the rise of Slack. Slack has been adopted by professionals within the organization. But it is hard to use Slack for communication between business owners and customers. There is a barrier to enroll customers in Slack. Slack’s pricing is also prohibitive.

WikiPro is the Slack for business to customer communication, except better! Our user experience is very much like Slack. WikiPro does not charge based on customers. An organization can have unlimited customers.


More than 21 hours are wasted each week on communication. Many of those hours are wasted on people trying to get hold of customers who are not replying to emails or failing to answer their phones, so how can WikiPro reduce those lost hours?

There are many personal communication tools like WhatsApp, Skype, Wechat. People gets instant chat and they can not wait to have similar experiences when dealing with the businesses.

Yet professionals have wasted 21 hours each week on communication. Why? Because professionals do not have the proper tools.

WikiPro addresses the communication breakdown. All messages are instant and you get instant response from other parties. For example, businesses need online reviews to stand up in Google or Facebook. They use WikiPro to send a review to a customer and customers can write a review in under 30 seconds.


WikiPro has many great features, but which one do you believe is the most popular?

The online review is a killer. Business owners understand it. It is important to stand out online with more and better reviews. WikiPro review module makes it easy to ask for reviews, and manage the reviews. More reviews, more customers & sales.


One feature we really like is the shared inbox, where you can share messages across a team and reply with a shared inbox, why did you feel it was important to include that?

We believe in information transparency. When communication is effective, your working velocity is much higher. Shared inbox is handy as the customer message can be seen and responded by each member. This way, the boss or team member know exactly what’s going on. We have the features such as unread, read receipt, and message recall.

Further, the private comment mode allows teams to discuss customer matters in the same conversation. Only team members see the message and customers do not see it.


A lot of business communication tools are very hard to set up, do you have to have technical knowledge to set up WikiPro?

No, not at all!

WikiPro is SaaS software. If you know how to use a browser, you can use our software. The setup is very straight forward. We timed the sign up, it takes 30 seconds. Once you sign up, you can immediately engate with your customers.


Do you believe that WikiPro will change the way people communicate with their clients and customers?

Yes. We believe this. That’s why we have spent about 3 years to build the product and use the product in real companies. The feedback is tremendous.

Our tool pays 100x for itself as business owners can significantly get more customers and sales.


So, what is the future of WikiPro?

WikiPro is evolving with exciting new products to add value to business owners. But our goal is the same: to change the way businesses and customers communicate.


WikiPro offers tons of other features too. For example, its instant messaging platform has built-in support for scheduled messages, message recall, message receipt, and full-text search message history.

It comes with three plans: Basic ($35 per month), Standard ($70 per month), and Professional ($140 per month). Visit the website ( for more details. Check this link for how it works.


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