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The men’s health track is heating up, “WELLBTC” completed tens of millions of pre-A round of financing

WELLBTC‘s current round of financing will be used to upgrade large-capacity phage display full-body and bispecific antibody libraries, improve the in vivo and in vitro drug efficacy screening service platform, improve drug quality research, process development and production cell line construction and other service platforms to cooperate with customers Incubate nursery projects and promote pre-clinical research on multiple anti-tumor antibody drugs.


The male health management platform “WELLBTC” has completed a new round of tens of millions of Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing is led by GBA. Inspur Capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial advisor.

This round of financing will be used to continue new product development, patent technology R & D applications, external cooperation, and integration and cooperation of platform resources such as e-commerce, live broadcast, and medical services. At the same time, “WELLBTC” brand new care series “Time” will be officially launched on the Amazon e-commerce platform this month.

In February of this year, “WELLBTC“, the company positioning male health management, focusing on “medical health + male consumption upgrade”, to provide high-net worth male population aged 20-45 years of age with anti-hair loss, health care, skin management and other health issues, providing medical consumption Product matrix and comprehensive service solutions.

“Baldness” may be serious

According to the statistics of Japan’s Infographics website in 2018, there are about 127 million hair loss people in the United States, Japan ranks first in Asia with a hair loss rate of 26.78%, and there are about 34 million hair loss people. In China, the current hair loss population has exceeded 250 million, about 7 times that of Japan, and nearly 2 times that of the United States.

And with the increase in life and work pressure, young people under long-term sub-health conditions are also increasingly facing the problem of “anti-off”. Compared with Europe, America and Japan, China’s anti-hair loss consumer market is still growing exponentially, with a scale of more than 400 billion yuan.

At present, most of the solutions on the market are anti-off care products. With the intervention of capital, hair transplantation has gradually entered the consumer’s field of vision. However, the former cannot solve moderate and severe hair loss, and the latter also faces many problems: high customer acquisition cost, high surgical threshold, hair transplant survival rate, and sustained effects are still affected by hormone levels in the receptor.

In the view of the co-founder, the demand for anti-offset is great, and the emphasis on appearance and health will also make it a rare potential market for male consumption.

Complete product matrix and solutions

The co-founder mentioned in the interview that in the face of the huge hair loss population and market demand, there is no vertical Internet platform to provide a total solution, and WELLBTC wants to provide users with a complete set of solutions.

For users with mild hair loss, we launched a series of products for washing and protecting. WELLBTC will open a store on 5.18, at which time shampoo products will be launched at the same time, followed by products such as fresh hair. The shampoo series is called “Time”, the design is inspired by the “small waist” of the Guangzhou Tower, the container is hourglass-shaped, and the product price will not be too expensive.

For WELLBTC, the products of the care series will focus on the users in the largest layer of the user funnel, that is, consumers who have mild hair loss and users who have needs for hair growth and hair growth. The company stated that the threshold for cleaning products is low. During use, the effect will allow users to build brand awareness and generate trust.

Next, for the pathological hair loss problem, the team will cooperate with consulting services. According to user needs, in addition to cleaning products, we can further provide products such as rubbing, wearing, and oral.

In terms of patents, the company’s research and development team has patented formula ingredients, and at the same time applies the nanocarrier anti-dropping transmission patent technology jointly developed by the National Nano Engineering Research Center to make effective anti-dropping ingredients more permeable, lasting and sustained release, and better anti-dropping and hair growth effects.

The American health management platform Hims, which WELLBTC is benchmarking, has also launched a series of health products after male health products have been launched, and also launched a brand for female health management.

WELLBTC will also have the opportunity to further expand men’s health products in the future, including health products, diet products, etc. to help users improve immunity, resistance, sleep, and enhance male charm and health. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience

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  •  WELLBTC is a multinational group company, including diversified businesses such as skin care products, leasing, biomedicine, and male health care. The company is headquartered in Singapore and was selected for 500 emerging companies in 2019. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience

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